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Tuesday, 1 July 2008

ERA Wakeskates

There is a new company at the wakeskate market. ERA is a company with a very different approach: no big team, no big commercials, no big online site, only wakeskates in length 39",40",41",42" for a nice price made by a skateboard company. The shape of the wakeskates looks like a classic one some years ago. Here are some information from ERA wakeskates:

Era Wakeskates are made in Oregon. With 8 plys of Oak and Douglas Fir makes this board 100% made in America and the strongest wood wakeskates on the market. All other wakeskate company's use Maple wood, we use Oak wood which is 15-25% stronger than Maple. Era wakeskates are 3D concaved with a 3 stage rocker, and variable edges. Marine grade clear coat for ultimate weather protection. All boards are gripped with Jessup grip tape. All boards are solid color with custom graphic printed on a HDPE plastic bottom. HDPE plastic is the most durable and bullet proof plastic available. Boards are direct from the manufacture so the savings are passed onto you!

All information are taken from the ERA website. Online shop can be found on Ebay.com.


nicky said...

attention, if you search more information about these wakeskates you will find information on wakeskating.com, read careful, there is a lot of hate, the most persons there had never a ERA wakeskate

Dude said...

he nicky, this is the reason why i don't put a link from ws.com in this post, this threat on ws.com is not useful

Lollar said...

These guys are douche bags. They came on ws.com talking shit about pretty much everyone and everything. If you notice the shape of their boards looks very close to that of an 07' LF.

Dude said...

he lollar, this says nothing out about the wakeskates.

Lollar said...



Their skates are crappy. They are a copied shape and that shape was shit anyways. 07 LF's had almost no concave and fell apart very easy. These guys at Era dont even wakeskate. Hydro Funnels??? WTF?????

They even put 4 track in their URL for christs sake


Watch where the link takes you

These guys are a joke

Anonymous said...

Era is just a bunch of dumb fucks trying to make a quick buck off wakeskating... Don't but there skates there not worth the 129.00 they charge anyways!!!

Anonymous said...

they really do look like rip offs of the 07 impulses, am i wrong? i dont wakeskate much but im surprised LF hasnt asked them about it.

why do you want hydro funnels or whatever those are ahha, i would imagine they would pull you underwater haha. what a gimmick

Anonymous said...

4 track on the URL


Cassette 4 Life!

rudulph said...

Era wakeskate team vid coming soon! "Nobody's"
Cassette 4 track URL? Thanks for pointing that out. Weird! Ebay must of wrote that. Don't confuse talking shiv to standing up... Free skateboard deck with every purchase!

no pro said...

YoYo! Rudulph!

That double back dragon rail was SICKKKKKK! Stripper T better put those balls on ice, LOL... See you on the water. Film, Film, Film...

Anonymous said...

era is a joke, never by from them..

era can suck my balls

I dnt care! said...

Yo Anonymous,
You're trying way too hard.
Sounds like penile envy to me...LOL!

Anonymous said...

its funny, you guys can't even spell.