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Friday, 25 July 2008

Results Romboso Jam Vol. 3
Doomsday 2008

Here are the results of the Romboso Doomsday 2008:

1. Dennis Knasiak tantrum board to board transfer
2. Luki Suess Frontflip board transfer to crash
3. Andy G. huge BS 180


1. Tarik Ghoniem table big spin on
2. Jan Kissmann fs boardslide to shuv 270 out
3. Andy G. 360 shuvit on

Slider/A Frame

1. Mumpitz A-frame delivery boy
2. Tarik Ghoniem A-Frame with gap shuvit
3. Luki Suess A-Frame with huge gap 360 shuvits to crash


1. Dom Fentrup
2. Jan Kissmann
3. Henny Lampson

1. Dennis Knasiak dock start from the roof
2. Didi huge fingerflip
3. Jasper Sibbers big fingerflip

1. Jan Kissmann fs 360 gap
2. Tarik Ghoniem fs big spin gap
3. Henny Lampson kickflip crash gap

Over All Men
1. Jan Kissmann
2. Tarik Ghoniem
3. Dennis Knasiak

Over All Women

Johanna Suess

Best Slam
Cruz training session kickflip to rupture of capsule

During the Romboso weekend the german and dutch wakeskaters showed a lot of new tricks. One highlight was the Friday morning session on which the whole crowd was on flips especially Dennis Knasiak and Lukas Süß with clean heelflips. The overall wakeskate riding level is obviously increasing in germany. The party and the night shooting at the pool were awesome, too.

Results are taken from the Romboso homepage. Pictures shot by Betty from wakeskate bomb squad (click here for more pics wakekillaz.de).


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