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Wednesday, 21 January 2009

Verge Store Online
Nexus Bi-Level wakeskate on sale now

Here the latest news from the long time project Verge wakeskates. After two years of development the bi level wakeskate Nexus is now on sale. Here some facts about the Nexus Bi-Level wakeskate 40.5
  • Maple/Basswood cross ply layup for maximum pop and durability
  • Full transition concave
  • Straight rails on the top deck for a more controllable flip
  • Dual density risers. One for spring the other for stability
  • Flex control system
  • Resin coated slider base with scratch-proof graphics
Check the Verge wakeskate homepage for more information. Pictures and information from ws.com

Saturday, 17 January 2009

Remote Wakeskates launched

Remote Wakeskates, a division of Company Wakeboards has been launched! Rumors have been around for quite a while but now it is official. Skaters involved in the project are Silas Thurman, Andrew Pastura and Ben Horan.

Check out their blog-style homepage to keep you updated or come back here later for more info.
This is definately gonna kick ass!
Here is a interview with Silas Thurman at wakeboardmag.net about Remote wakeskates (french and english version available).

Friday, 16 January 2009

Neverride presents snow-winch "The Avalanche"

Neverride just released their snow-winch called "The Avalanche". It's the first "real" snow-sport specific winch as it can pull you at speeds up to 45mph (70km/h) and holds 2.000ft (600m) of rope.
Top speed can be adjusted in three gears. An hydraulic disc brake assures safe stops.
Total weight is 155lbs (70kg).

Check out Neverride.com for additional info...

Tuesday, 13 January 2009

US Winches Part I
New Wakeskate Winch and Heine Snow Tools Winch

Here is the first part about winches made in US. The first winch is the wooden winch from New Wakeskates. New Wakeskates sells complete winches and parts for winches like the Comet TAV2 torque converter clutch. The winches comes in two variants:Frame: wood epoxy composite or Starboard frame
Spool: Starboard spool
Engine: 6,5ps Honda GX 200 or normal engine

Accessories: 500' rope, 4 spikes, tool bag, instructions, Comet TAV2 variable speed drive system

For more information check out the New Wakeskate website. The video on top shows short the New Wakeskate winch (check out the HD version).

The second winch comes from a legendary snowboard cinematographer Kurt Heine . His snow tools company sells a nice winch constructed like a Pulldozer winch.Frame: powder coated steel frame in black
Motor: 6 or 8 hp Briggs and Stratton motor
Accessories: hydraulic brake, 500' Dyneema rope, 2" tow bar connection to secure winch to your car/truck, 2 1/2' stakes for securing winch into the ground, handles for easy transportation, two 8" tires for easy moving around, Comet TAV2 clutch

For detailed pics of the Heine Snow Tools winch check the picture gallery at the Heine Snow Tools website. For all snowboard rail junkies check out the Heines Drop in Ramp (collapses to fit inside a snowboard luggage bag).

Monday, 12 January 2009

120 fps what?
wakeskate and skateboard super slow motion

Do you know the feeling, to see a trick on a video and you don't understand what the person is making? Especially in wakeskating and skateboarding is the complexity of the movement of feeds and skate hard to understand without a slow motion. But here is the solution 120fps are enough. You can see every aspect of the trick.

Watch Andy Kolb's BS bigspin in high quality!
Here is a dream for filmers in action sports - The Red Camera System. Click on the cam for more information.

Wednesday, 7 January 2009

Dope Magazine Volume 2

The secound issue from the Dope Magazine is out. Check out this article on the Dope mag blog or click on the picture on top. The Dope magazine includes art, skateboarding, wakeskating and wakeboarding.
Pic and information are taken from the Dope Magazine blog.

German's Wakeskater of the Year 2008

Wakeboard1.de and The-Gap-Magazin are searching for the best german wakeskater 2009. Here are the candidates:
  • Andre Solle
  • Andreas Gnidowski
  • Andy Kolb
  • Dennis Dulco
  • Dennis Knasiak
  • Dominik Preisner
  • Franz Lachbauer
  • Frederik Küpper
  • Harald Alex
  • Henni Lampson
  • Jan Grabski
  • Jan Kissmann
  • Kai Kissmann
  • Lukas Süss
  • Moritz Thiele
  • Sandro Reinhard
  • Sebastian Schmatta
  • Sebastian Süss
  • Tarik-Timo Ghonien
  • Tim Schwiertz
You can vote on The-Gap-Magazin.de or wakeboard1.de. Here are the goodies if you win!Reef Beatbox Zipper grey (L), Reef New Wave T-shirt black (L), Reef Byerly 3 black / yellow (size 9), ION Strike Ltd. wetsuit, ION Strike Ltd. neopren vest, Liquid Force hoodies in two different styles.

All information and pics are taken from The Gap Magazin.

Monday, 5 January 2009

Pictures from 2008
Simple Viewer on Wakeskate Bomb

Here some random pics from 2008 season in Magdeboogie. Pics are shoot by Betty and Dude. Click here or on the pic on top.