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Thursday, 25 December 2008

The RMBS Trailer²

Here is the latest video project from Lukas Süss, Romboso Crew Duisburg Germany. For all European wakeskater don't forget the RMBS Jam in 2009.

Tuesday, 23 December 2008

Wakeskate Womans Division
Stephanie Wamsley video footage from 2008

Stephanie Wamsleys latest video footage from 2008 shows the top level of wakeskating in the womans divisions. The video shows kickflips, fs bigspin, bs bigspin and many more trixs. Keep going!
Information are found at wakeskating.com.

Monday, 22 December 2008

Unleashed Magazine #27 Online

The Unleashed crew has published the issue 27 from the Unleashed magazine online. The wakeskate related topics are:
  • Propaganda Stuff with Sattelyte, Oak, and LiquidForce wakeskates and Supra shoes
  • Event reports: Wake and Roll #5 and Wakeskate Cup
  • Florida trip
  • Best wakeskates 2009
Click here to see the online pdf issue. For other issues check this post. Pic and information are taken from Unleashed mag.

Saturday, 13 December 2008

New Schnitzel Comback in 2010?!

There some good news about New Schnitzel.. there seems to be an new investor to give the financial background for a relaunch. The New Schnitzel team will be "reactivated" in 2009 and is supposed to ride the new protoypes and products. We´ll see what the focus of the renewed brand will be.

(Informations are taken from the gap-magazine.com)
see you at the lake..

Thursday, 11 December 2008

DVS and Wakeskating
DVS CASSETTE MAKR Shoe in Spring 2009

DVS has a really long history in wake sport. If you want read the whole story behind the DVS wake team and their products then check this really good articles:

on wakeskating.com. Great thanks to the author esnow. Picture and information are taken from wakeskating.com.

Wednesday, 10 December 2008

Gatorboard TV
monthly news from the Gatorboards team

Here is the first episode of the Gatorboard TV. This episode takes you to a little slice of Paradise known as the Vistas. Located in Fort Myers Florida, only minutes from the Gator headquarters and Revolution Cable Park.
All information are taken from the Gatorboard homepage (new video footage at the start page) .

Tim Schwiertz
German Gatorboard Wakeskate Teamrider

M&M Liquidsports (German distributor for Centurionboats and Gatorboards) has published the name of the new Gatorboard wakeskate teamrider for 2009. Congratulation Tim Schwiertz. Here are some personal information:
  • nickname: Jimbo
  • birth date: 10.01.1991
  • riding since: wakeskate 2007
  • stance: goofy
  • home cable: Wasserski Langenfeld
  • hobbys: wakeskaten, skateboarden, parties
  • previous sponsor: New Schnitzel
All information and pic are taken from the online store of M&M Liquidsports. Check out the wakeskate section if you need a new Gatorboard wakeskate.

Monday, 8 December 2008

Water Monster Blog
Videos, Art, Fun and Rumors

Here are some video clips from the Water Monster Blog. You can see amazing rail riding and flip tricks from Pastura brothers and Matt Hooker. If you are a member of the Google family then you can put your name under the column Followers.
Have fun!

Thursday, 4 December 2008

OGUSO Design Contest

OGUSO has published their new website. There you can place a preorder on Integrity and Oak wakeskates. If you need wakeskate shoes and clothes you can find Underground Production (UGP) stuff on the site as well. Consolidated OGUSO has all what you need for wakeskating.

OGUSO is searching for a own design for a wakeskate at the moment. Here the call for your design:

You´d always wanted your art on a wakeskate? Here´s your chance! Send us your artwork for the 2009 oguso team deck and win a nice price - the OGUSO team deck, UGP wakeskate shoes, skate bumps or clothing.

E Mail: contactus(at)oguso.de
Yellow Mail: OGUSO, Eichenhof 5, 15831 Mahlow

For more information about the design contest check the OGUSO homepage.