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Thursday, 27 March 2008

CWB Bi Level Prototype

Stuart Shinn (CWB wakeskate pro) has been working on creating a new skate with CWB’s R&D master shaper Doug Cannon. Here is the first picture (out of the CWB TV video clip) from the prototype.
Doug says “It is a new design, unlike anything else on the water, and keeps the price tag in an area that makes it accessible for all”. Doug continues “I’ve always had some skate ideas and wanted to work with a skater to get their input. It’s been awesome working with Stu and we looking forward to the next creation we can design.”
Information is take from ws.com and Alliance Wakeskating.

Wednesday, 26 March 2008

French Wakeskating, The Second
Nokia FISE 2008

Here's some wakeskate related information about the Nokia FISE 2008 in Montpellier, April 30 - May 04. Pro and amateur divisions take place and the registration and insurance fee is 40 €. It's 10€ for each additionnal discipline. For registration, send this bulletin before April, 15th with the payment (registration on FISE + 5€) and one parental authorisation for kids (younger than 18 years) to HURRICANE EVENT, 405 ZA Les Fournels, 34 400 LUNEL, France.

Here is the wakeskate schedule:

Wednesday, April 30th, 10:00am - 08:00pm training wakeskate
Thursday, May 01st, 8:00pm - 09:00pm training wakeskate
Friday, May 02nd, 12:00 - 01:30pm qualification wakeskate
Saturday, May 03rd, 06:00pm - 06:30pm, finals wakeskate

The picture on top shows the 2008 wakeskate and wakeboard area. Information and picture taken from Nokia FISE homepage.

French Wakeskating
Pierre Atruz
WWA Wake Park World Series, May 8th - 11th

At first a video full with flip trix from the French wakeskater Pierre Atruz. If that is not enough then here a video from the French invasion in Australia Bli Bli.

At second some information about the first stop of the WWA Wake Park World Series in Toulouse, France from May 8th - 11th.
The Protest Pro AM is open to all international riders in 3 different categories: Cable Wakeboard, Cable Wakeskate and the Orangina Winch Rail Jam. The Entry Fee will be $100 for wakeskate. There will be a separate $70 entry fee for the Winch Rail Jam for those who are interested. Entry fee is inclusive of free riding on the cable, including the pre event day of May 7th, free meals and drinks, free transportation to and from the Toulouse Airport and Hotels, as well as access to all parties, concerts and events being held throughout the weekend.
Prize Money Breakdown:

Pro Wakeskate - $1,000 TOTAL
1st- $500
2nd- $300
3rd- $200

Orangina Winch Rail Jam Contest - $1,000 TOTAL
1st- $500
2nd- $300
3rd- $200 .

2008 WWA Protest Pro AM Schedule:

Thursday- May 8th
Training all categories: 10h - 20h
Registration all categories: 12h - 18h
Free Judges and Officials Training WWA: 18h
Impact Wakeboard Movie Premier: 21h

Friday - May 9th
Lunch: 13h - 14h
Quarter finals wakeskate: 14h - 15 h
Dinner and video highlights of the day: 20h
Concerts: 22h

Saturday - May 10th
Lunch: 13h - 14h
Semi finals wakeskate: 14h - 15 h
Finals wakeskate: 17h - 18 h
Orangina Winch Jam Finals (by night ): 19h - 20 h
Dinner and Video Highlights of the day: 21h
Concert and Prize giving WWA: 22h
Concert: 23h

For general questions and assistance with accommodations or transportation, please contact: raynald@unleashed.fr or philippe@unleashed.fr.

IMPACT Premiere locations and dates

After the award winning movies, Ticket, Statement and Poetry, Pikestaff Studios are proud to announce their final wakeboard film. The film also has a short wakeskate section with Andy Kolb and John Ruark. Bert Little has a part in the bonus section. Filmed on location in Europe, the USA, Asia and Australia, This film captures stunning video footage, innovative riding segments and emotional introduction stories by using the highest production effort, german film maker Chris Gruener brings to life special slow motion shots and brilliant cinematography.

March 29, Magdeburg - Cable Island, 19.00
April 2, Hamburg - Studiokino, 21.30
April 5, Regensburg - Suite, 21.00
April 5, Berlin - Wasserskipark Zossen, 20.30
April 5, Langenfeld - Wasserskiseilbahn 20.00

April 5, Vienna-FAME Boardriders Club im U96, 22.00
April 18, Kufstein - Kulturfabrik, 20.00 UK April 12, 20.00

April 24, Tel Aviv – star cinema ramat hasharon, 21.00

United states
April 26, Orlando, fl– roger’s bldg. 39, downtown orlando, 7:30 pm
May 3, New Braunfels, tx – Texas Ski Ranch (tsr), 8:00 pm

May 8, Toulouse – Cable tns Sesquieres, 21.00

All information is taken from Boardsport Wordpress. Picture is from The Gap Magazine. Check the Pikestaff homepage for more information, or look here for the trailer.

Toe Jam Wakeskate Tour 2008
Ready to Kickoff

Orlando, Fla. After it's first nationwide tour in 2007, the Toe Jam is going international this season, to feature the world’s best wakeskaters competing for the most coveted titles in the sport.

Founded by Scott Byerly, the Toe Jam is designed to challenge wakeskaters in four categories including rails, wake riding, cable park, and winch-towed sessions. The newest addition to the tour will be in Wasaga Beach, Canada, at the former site of Wakestock. This stop and two others will give all riders a chance to qualify for the fouth stop (the main event), the Byerly Toe Jam in Orlando this September.

2008 Toe Jam Tour
  • April 17-19: Rockstar Rail Jam; The Projects; Orlando, Florida
  • June 12-14: Rockstar Cable Jam; TSR; New Braunfels, Texas
  • August 21-23: Rockstar Wake Jam; Wasaga Beach, Canada
  • September 18-20: The Byely Toe Jam; OWC & The Project
All information and picture are taken from Byerly Toe Jam homepage.

Wednesday, 19 March 2008

Akonite Wakeskates from France, 2008

Kevin Calvez, team rider for Akonite wakeskates, has posted a picture of the new 2008 line of wakeskates on ws.com. Out of the four boards, three are pro models,

  • Kevin Calvez bi level,
  • Pierre Atruz concave,
  • Cyrill Nicot concave,
and a flat team- wakeskate. For more information check the Akonite website. Picture and information are from Akonite and ws.com.

Friday, 7 March 2008

Treeknowlogy 08 released

Everybody who is fiercely waiting to buy one of the new Treeknowledge wakeskates now peel your eyes!

These are the exclusive preview pics of the new '08 team edition. Once again Treeknowledge stepped it up and improved their boards by fine tuning the shape and using more sophisticated materials.
This is what Bo Anhuth, founder of Treeknowledge, said about their '08 board design:

"designed by neil stubbings

slightly concave deck/layer treeknowlogy for kicktail and sidewalls

new features:

-more rocker: 3,8cm to 4,6cm (1,5" to 1,8")
-hardest wood /glue combination
-new outline for more control over trick-handling and sex-appeal
-soft sidewalls for heels and toes
-cannot break......cannot!
-no tits.....sorry."

For those who would like to test-ride one of the new boards, the Treeknowledge team will be at Cable-Island on march 22nd. If you can't make it there, hit up Bo at info@treeknowledge.de to see where you can test 'em next.

Thursday, 6 March 2008

Alliance wakeskatemag 4.1 online!

Finally, there's a scratch for our itch again! Volume 4.1 of Alliance' digital wakeskate magazine is now online.

So don't waste your time surfing the interwebs, click here directly.

Monday, 3 March 2008

Treeknowledge Wakeskates 2008

Treeknowlegde has announced a short video clip about the new 2008 Treeknowledge Team Edition wakeskate. The skate is completely made in Berlin, Germany. Treeknowledge is well known for the great customer service and the wakeskates for their enormous durablity. For more information check the Treeknowledge homepage or the Wakeskate Bomb once in a while.

Saturday, 1 March 2008

New DVS Mesh Shoe for 2008

Alliance Wake Magazine has announced a message about a new DVS wakeskate eligible shoe. Picture and information are taken from Alliance Wake Magazine.