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Wednesday, 28 October 2009

Wakeskating Down Under
Chris Kallas now on Hyperlite

The wakeskate season comes to an end in Europe but in Australia the season starts. Right at the beginning of the season in Australia Chris Kallas published a new video with the stuff from 2009.

Check it out, he is the master for backside things.

First Issue Blast Magazine Online

A half year after the go live from the Blast Wakeskate Magazine website the first issue is online and out as print version. I don't think that we see the print version here in Europe but how knows.

Here are the topics of the first issue:
Have fun. If you like to see video footage more then to read something check the news blog at Blast mag.

Tuesday, 27 October 2009

Fosters Cup 2009 Video

Here is the video from the Wakekillaz crew member Andre Solle about the Fosters Cup. Be warned the Foster Cup was a wakeskate and -board event, many strappers are in the video.

Next year strapper please stay at home and keep it cool - muahahaha

Thursday, 15 October 2009

Unleashed Magazine Issue No. #32 online

Unleashed magazine has published there issue no. #32. Here are the topics:

  • Surf and Winch
  • Wakestock UK
  • Foster's Cup 2009
  • 5 Minutes with Damien Deville
  • Wakest
  • Brostock
  • King of Lake
  • T-Mobile
  • Wake'n'Roll
  • Aquafrolics
  • Nick Davies ITW
Click on the picture on top for the pdf online version. For more information about Unleashed Crew check the homepage.

Thursday, 8 October 2009

Neverride Wakeskate Line 2010

The Neverride Crew around Patrick has published the 2010 catalogue.
NeverRide was founded 2004 in Switzerland. The company is slowly growing and is a part of the worldwide wakeskate scene right from the start. NeverRide is known for hand made, high class quality towing devices from Switzerland. They are also producing for the 4th time a wakeskate line! Check out the catalogue or the NeverRide homepage.

If you search for foam top deck stuff contact Patrick he has really good stuff in store. Thanks to Blast wakeskate magazine for the online pdf stuff.

Wednesday, 7 October 2009

Results Wakeskate Cup 2009 France
Toulouse Sesquière, September 26th

Here are the results and some Facebook video links about the Wakeskate Cup 2009 in Toulouse Sesquière.

Wakeskate Cup Junior:
1) Clement ( Toulouse) 75, 00
2) Julien Valadier( Toulouse) 66,00
3) Max Pena ( Toulouse) 49,00

Wakeskate cup Open Men:
1) Kevin Calvez (Paris) 98,00
2) Bertrand Oustrieres (Albi) 96,00
3) Adrien Barat (Annecy) 89,00
4) Cedric Desir ( Toulouse) 67,00
5) Jerome Ruffray (Toulouse) 56,00
6) Benjamin Baquier ( Toulouse) 49,00

Wakeskate cup Women:
1) Melissa Tessier (Annecy) 67, 00
2) Laura Boil (Toulouse) 56,00
3) Mounira (Toulouse) 37,00

Check ou the run by Kevin Calvez and the best trick compilation on Facebook. If you want follow Wakeskate Bomb at Facebook.com check this link or click on the badge right.

It Alexi Boill (Toulouse) won the Best Trick contest by DVS with a Toeside 540.

All information and pics are taken from Unleashed.fr.

Friday, 2 October 2009

Oakley Move of the Year Awards

Here are the nominees and the winner of the Oakley Move of the Year award. Check the Wakeboard Mag website for more information.

Addicted Wakeskate Film
Tolyans Hardfcukers Full Length Movie

The THM crew (Tolyans Hardfcuckers Mob) has published a full length movie from the 2008 season on their Wakediary account. They have also published some shoots from the kiev WWA wake park stop no. 3 (see picture on top).

For more information about THM check the Wakediary website.