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Tuesday, 28 April 2009

Nike Wake Edition 2009 available
Mavrk and Cush available in Europe

Nike 6.0 wake edition is online available in Europe. The Mavrk is a good choice with ankle protection. Kickflips to bloody ankel are history with them. The Cush is a classic wakeskate shoe like the Air Morgan last year. The Air Morgan Mid wake will be available in the next days. Check out the Nike online store.One comment at the end YOU DON'T NEED A WAKE EDITION SHOE for wakeskating. You can skate with every shoe you like. The Nike ID shoes with mesh are not with closed cell foam like the wake edition by Nike.

Sunday, 19 April 2009

Wakeskate season starts in Germany
two videos with some sick cable trix

Over two weeks now we have sunny weather here in good old germany. The water temperature in Magdeboogie is around 60°F, yeah. Here are two videos with sick cable riding. Steve Campbell destroys the box at OWC with sick flip on variations and Brett Little goes huge on a Byerly Blend bi level with flips.

Friday, 10 April 2009

Treeknowledge 2009
concave wooden wakeskate made in Germany

The german wakeskate company Treeknowledge goes straight forward every year. In 2009 Treeknwoledge presents their first 3d concave wood wakeskate made in Germany, Berlin. The new model comes in two variants as a team and as a artist edition and is for the advanced wakeskater. The artist edition is strictly limited and handmade by art beaver Marok (Nike air force artist, Lowdown magazine) himself. The Team edition is designed by Eric Otto, San Fransisco, USA. Check out his other projects at Eric Otto's homepage. New this year is the WE edition a sligtly concave wakeskate based on the 2008 shape.
Here are the specs for the 3d concave model:
3D-concave core / variable-edge / wooden top and bottom layer / wood core / Length: S-M 1.00 m (< 80 kg) L-XL 1.04m (> 80kg) / Width: 36,0 cm (14.25") / 3 StageRocker/ Wood: Hardmaple / No Fins, concave size: 12mm (1/2")We Edition
Nearly flat deck - nose and tail slightly concave / Length: S-M 1.00 m (< 80 kg) L-XL 1.04m (> 80kg)/ Width: 36,0 cm/ 3 Stage Rocker / Wood: Hardmaple / No Fins
The skate is 100% wood! The concave is shaped with skateboarding in mind. For more information about the production process check this post at Wakeskate Bomb. All information are taken from the Treeknowledge homepage.

Red Bull - Wake the line 2009
May 1th 2009, Müngersdorfer swimm stadium, Cologne, Germany

After the success of the last year contest - Wake The Line - Red Bull has announced a second edition of this event. Wake the Line is a contest for invited wakeboarder and wakeskater. Invited wakeskater are Leo Labadens (FRA), Andy Kolb (GER) for example. From April 28 until 29th you can win a wildcard for the event at the Warmup Session at the cable in Langenfeld. Registration is possible until April 27.th at the Wake The Line homepage.

The Red Bull Wake the Line contest takes place at the Müngersdorfer swimm stadium at May 1st 2009. Entrance starts 2.00pm, the first qualifying runs start at 2.30pm. Highlights are the Best Trick Contest and the finals in the early evening. The Red Bull Wake The Line-after-show party takes place in the Sensor club 10pm.

All information and pics are taken from funsporting.de and The Gap Magazine.

Tuesday, 7 April 2009

ThinkTank Wakeskate Jam
Mai 28-31 2009, near Tamworth, UK

Here is the video from the ThinkTank wakeskate jam last year and second the announcement for ThinkTank wakeskate jam 2009. ThinkTank Wakeskate Jam

  • 4-day jam (1 Qualifier day, 3-day main event)
  • Jet Ski, Rails, and Poolgap formats
  • Bump session - progressive skateboard rail tricks
For more information about the ThinkTank wakeskate jam check the Alliance Wakeskate UK website.

Wednesday, 1 April 2009

Videos from the World Wake Park Championships 2009

Here are the first video parts from the WWA World Park Championships at CWC. Check this post on Wakeskate Bomb for the results. Highlights are:
  • 1st video: 1:24 three flip to backside bigflip!!!
  • 2nd video: kickflip to backlip and noseslide to bs 270 shuv out
For more video footage check cwcwaketv at Youtube.com.