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Tuesday, 25 September 2007

Byerly Toe Jam Stop 4 Rail Jam,
Winch Jam and Cable Finals

16 of the world’s best wakeskaters challenged each other September 20-21 2007 in the rail park at The Projects in Bithlo, Florida during the final event of the 2007 Toe Jam wakeskate series, The Byerly Toe Jam, presented by O’Neill. Final run of the winner Ben Horan included switch and regular boardslide big spins, as well as a kickflip, varial flip and a solid kickflip off the flat rail. Here the last two rounds:

1. Ben Horan
2. Nick Taylor

Round 3

1. Brian Grubb
2. Ben Horan

1. Nick Taylor
2. Brandon Thomas

Round 2

1. Nick Taylor
2. Brett Little

1. Ben Horan
2. Clint Tompkins

1. Brian Grubb
2. Reed Hansen

1. Brandon Thomas
2. Steven Campbell

Ben Horan said "Going against Clint Tompkins was the most difficult time I ever had wakeskating. He’s a very, very good wakeskater". But it was also a good time for Clint Tompkins he won the winch jam at byerly toe jam.

Here the result and a picture from the amazing setup (box with 6-7 feet drop, ledge each side):

Winch Jam (8-man, 1-hour jam format Final)
1. Clint Tompkins
2. Brett Little
3. Ben Horan
3. James Balzer
Steven Campbell
Aaron Reed
Nick Taylor
Danny Hampson

On September 22 was the cable final at Orlando Watersports Complex. Conditions were perfect, glassy water. The level overall was good and Reed Hansen was amazing. His final run included a kickflip, varial flip, frontside flip, 360 flip and a double kickflip. Reed Hansen said: "If you told me to go back out there and do that again, there's no way I could."

Here the result from cable final:

1. Reed Hansen
2. Brett Little
Brian Grubb
3. Ben Kaiser

Picture from Rodrigo Donoso or from TAD (ws.com). Check the links for more pictures and information:

Boot Final article
Toe Jam Cable Finals threat
Toe Jam Picture threat
Toe Jam Winch Final threat

Day One
Day Two
Day Three

Wakeskating Spain

Wakeskating rules Europe. After Switzerland, Germany, Netherlands, France, and Italy, Spain now has a online community related to wakeskating too.
Check wakeskating.es for the latest news out of Spain.

Wakeskating in Vienna, Austria, Red Bull

Dennis Knasiak aka The Machine traveled through Vienna Austria with two wakeboarders, a winch and skateboard obstacles from September 16.-17. 2007. For all german readers check this article at the Red Bull homepage.
Picture is from Red Bull Austria homepage.

La Sewer - Online Mag

La Sewer is an online wakeskate mag like the Alliance wakeskate issue but to me it's a completly different approach. Take a look here and build your own opinion. For the Surf Expo 2007 they printed a real paper promo issue. The first hardcopy issue should be out in January 2008.
They don't have a fancy forum on their homepage for you to express your opinion but you can go to La Sewer's myspace and tell them how much you hate or love La Sewer.

Monday, 24 September 2007

Limited Edition Byerly 3 Toe Jam Shoe

Performance, Reef and Scott teamed up to design an ultra limited run of shoes for the finals of his 2007 Byerly Toe Jam Series. These Byerly 3 Mid's are the design you will see in Spring 2008, but not in this color as these are ultra exclusive and only 100 pair will be made for sale! So come and get them before they are gone! Check Perfski for more information.

Friday, 21 September 2007

Byerly Toe Jam Stop 4 Projects - Day One

Here is the first link to an article related to the first day of Byerly Toe Jam Stop 4 at Projects. Check this website:

* Boat finals and winch qualification

For the next days schedule check the Byerly Toe Jam page. Thanks wakeskating.com

Not What Cha' Think - Video Teaser

Here the facts about Not What Cha'Think video from Oregon Trail Trash (O.T.T.) Productions:

1. This will officially be the longest wakeskate movie ever made to date. The past few days I have been going through footage with Zak and as it looks right now the movie will be about an hour long! Although nothing is official till the final draft. I believe it came to something like 1800 GByte of footage that was actually logged!

2. This is not going to be your typical wakeskate movie, not all of the riders have full parts but there is footage of over 20 different riders from all over! I'll make a little list just for fun to give you an idea of how much is going to go into this movie, If I leave your name out or spell your name wrong please forgive me, this is what I can pull off the top of my head.

David Hanson
Steve Cambell
Drew Danielo
Ben Kaiser
Zach Snyder
Cody Miller
Reed Hanson
Matt Manzari
Kyle Hymas
Chase Gregory
Steff Walmsley

Gabe Paulson
Russell Young
Spencer Ellis
Joe Poitars
Keith Lidberg
Ryan Doyle
Aaron Gore
Chris Barcellos
Matt Veslik
Ryan Potter
Andrew Belzer

Keaton Bowlby
Reed Watson
Ben Horan
Kyle Walton
Brandon Rau
Pete Ward
Bret Little
Brett Jackson
Greg Waters
Zak Stone "obviously"

Check this threat on ws.com for more information or go direct to the official homepage of O.T.T. Production.

Tuesday, 18 September 2007

Ripzone German Nationals Results

The 2nd wakeskate nationals presented by Ripzone are done at Cable Island in Magdeboogie. Here are the results:

1. Hoffmann, Tine
2. Gündel, Katja
3. Bregar, Marina
1. Bausch, Michelle
2. Süss, Johanna

Junior men
1. Kissmann, Jan
2. Lacherbauer, Franz
3. Süss, Lukas

1. Ghoniem, Tarik
2. Preisner, Dominik
3. Hecht, Marco

1. Solle, Andre
2. Mühlhauser, Norbert
3. Alex, Harry

1. Andy Kolb
2. Reinhardt, Sandro
3. Grabsky, Jan

and a short list of the best tricks:

flat water
: varial kickflip, biggerspin, gazelle, kickflip, huge bs bigs
box: fs bigspin on bs shuv out, bs 360 shuv on bs shuv out, fs big out
flat (57 feet long): nosepress to bs 180 out, tailpress and nosepress to bs or fs 270 shuv out
kicker: bs360, fs540, tantrum board to board tranfer

Many thanks to all local sponsors Dates, Eisenherz, Brillen Kunze, Rock'n'Roll Skateshop, Autohaus Weber, Küchenchef, and especially thank to Ripzone Europe. For more pics look here:
Pics in this article are from Sebastian Weithaup, thanks.

New Video Teaser

A lot of new videos are announced online one from levelthirtn wakeskates from Canada another one from some wakeskater which traveled through Florida. But also a very different video teaser where you can see that all is limitied by our skills and not by our wakeskates is too find. Look here:
Picture is from Levelthirtn homepage. Check this threat on ws.com for more information about Gnarcotics and the Levelthrin homepage for the Durf wakeskate video.

Oak Design 2008

Happy Tree Friends meets Oak Wakeskates. Here are the first pictures of the new Oak wakeskate design 2008. The shape of the skates is in development at the moment. The complete line will be ready in one or two month. Pics are from the official Oak homepage. Check in there for more information.
And last but not least a picture of the skate bumbs from Oak wakeskates.Picture above from ws.com check news from Surf Expo.

Monday, 17 September 2007

Alliance wakeskatemag 3.4 out

Finally there's and end to the long wait. AllianceWake just published their 3.4 online wakeskate magazine. So stop by alliancewake.com and enjoy!!!

Integrity builds own factory

Erich Schmaltz, mastermind behind Integrity-Wake, just released some info about the “Daedalus project” on wakeskating.com. This project, he said, is the culmination of his life's lessons and the experience he’s gathered being involved in the wake/action sports industry for almost 22 years: The best is to only rely only upon oneself.
Being dependent on suppliers in the past, Erich was forced to postpone ship dates on skates every three weeks for four to five months straight. With such thing having happened and the great danger of losing his reputation for being a reliable board manufacturer and one of the true souls of wakeskating, there was hardly another option than to build a factory on his own (the pic on top shows the view from the factory's location onto the adjacent lake). He luckily could join forces with a like-minded investor that has made similar experiences. Best chances now that the beliefs and ideals of Erich and many other wakeskaters will finaly emerge, rise and spread.
The factory itself will be as transparent as possible with doors being open to fellow wakeskaters to stop by, share some thoughts and see how it’s done.
We are all very anxious to see what integrity will come up with in the near future and I can hardly wait to stop by when I’m in the US this autumn.
If you like to read everything that Erich posted please continue reading the thread at ws.com. If you want to be kept updated with info about Integ and everything else stop by here from time to time or visit wakeskating.com

Wednesday, 12 September 2007

2007 UK Nationals Official Results

Here the official results from WUK HQ for the 2007 UK Wakeskate Nationals:

  1. Terry Hannam
  2. Matt Crowhurst
  3. Freddie Carter
  4. Taylor Dell
  5. Louis Floyd
  6. Andrew Eddy
For more results and information check the official website (pic is also from there).

Josh Norman, Stylish Flat Water 3-Flip

What the fcuk is happend with the Interity team and his friends! Every day new awesome short video clips from clean stylish tricks. Here flat water 3 flip to varial flip from Josh Norman, wakeskate buddy from Blake Steele (look here if you want see Blake skating).

Tuesday, 11 September 2007

Reed Hansen wins WWA World Title 2007

Reed Hansen and Ben Kaiser had solid runs. Steve Campbell best trick was a solid kickflip. Brian Grubb fell on three tricks. Reed won, Ben got second, and Steve slipped into third, walking away with at least $750. Here the result from Professional WakeSkate - Finals Heat:
  1. Reed Hansen USA 58.33
  2. Ben Kaiser USA 43.33
  3. Steven Campbell USA 36.67
  4. Brian Grubb USA 30.00
Information and result from Banquet, pic from The Liquid Circus, click here (Liquid Circus) or here (WakeWorld) for more pictures.

Friday, 7 September 2007

Bret Little, Cable - Flat Water Hard Flip

For all cable riders on this blog. Here the amazing level from Bret Little. You can see kickflips, 360 shovits, bigspins, amazing rail riding with a kicky on box to crash, a sketchy hardflip in flat, and a lot more tricks.

Blake Steele, clean and easy

Heavy tricks and a really clean style. Look here for moving pictures.
All information and pic from the best wakeskate forum ever - wakeskating.com. Check this threat on ws.com or visit the integrity myspace site.

Thursday, 6 September 2007

Not much information to find about the Wake'n Roll on the Cable Teleski Nautique Port Barcares. Here the results:
  1. Labadens, Leo
  2. Oustrieres, Betrand
  3. Barat, Adrien
  4. Sudrat, Vincent
  5. Teyssier, Melissa
  6. Caroline, Barbot
Information and pics from Barcateam in France, check this website. Take a look on the pictures from event - looks like a good party.

Wednesday, 5 September 2007

Casse Croute IV canceled

Bad news for France these days: The legendary wakeskate jam Casse Croute IV in La plaine tonique - Montrevel-en-Bresse was canceled, hope to see you next year back! For more information contact Fred Dum on WakeBoardMag.net.

Tuesday, 4 September 2007

New Schnitzel Jam 2007, Heuchelheim

Take a deep breath, a really deep one: Andy Kolb (Liquid Force, Germany) the "Kolbinator" stomped this weekend (1.-2. September) at the New Schnitzel Jam following tricks in a 20min head: Over the kicker fs 360 as well as bs 360 and bs bigspin and in the flat an unbelievable biggerspin a 540 shovit with 360 body varial, bs bigspins, fs bigspins, a varial kickflip and classic solid kickflips, AWESOME. But this is not enough Dennis Knasiak (New Schnitzel, Germany) showed up that he can do board to board tantrum transfers over the kicker and Christ Air really save! Here the Result:

1. Andy Kolb (Liquid Force, Germany)
2. Dennis Knasiak (New Schnitzel, Germany)
3. Andy Gnidowski (New Schnitzel, Germany)

For all german reader at wakeskate bomb check this german article at gap magazin.de.

Don't miss the German wakeskate nationals present by Ripzone and the CarTrade24 Masterbattle (15.-16. September, Cable Island, Magdeburg, Germany).
All information and pics are from gap magazin.de.

Cartrade24 Master Battle and
German Championships

It’s hardly two more weeks until for the second time the German champions in wakeskating get crowned and the long awaited Cartrade24 Master Battle takes place. The nominees for the Master Battle are almost set and displayed in the list below. Well sounding names like Andy Kolb, Dennis Knasiak or Dominik Preisner will grant a top notch competition level. Once again the bar is gonna get raised.
Additionally this event attracts even foreign riders such as Pipo from the Netherlands and Patrick Vorlicek from Switzerland.
Everybody here (Cable-Island locals) is fiercely awaiting the weekend of the 15th and 16th of September to meet old friends, make new ones and for the most part party as hard as possible!!!
The collective freak out is already scheduled with the hardcore concert taking place Saturday night. So if you’re interested in premier wakeskating and severe partying - come on over!
Nominees for CARTRADE24 Master Battle:

Liquid Force
1. Andy Kolb
2. Sebi Süß
3. Lukas Süß

New Schnitzel
4. Sebastian Lampson
5. Dennis Knasiak
6. Enric Dosta
7. Andreas Gnidowski

8. Sandro Reinhardt

9. Jakob Bamberg
10. Franz Lacherbauer

Gator Boards
11. Jan Grabski

12. Dominik Preisner

13. XXX
14. XXX

15. Cruz

16. Patrick Vorlicek
17. Zinti

Ghoniem Clan
18. Tarik Ghoniem

Jibbentails Dresden
19. Stefan Rost

Dutch connection
20. Pipo
21. Diederick Stellweg

last chance nominee
22. lucky last one nominated during the German championships

Monday, 3 September 2007

Wakeskate Cup 2007, Toulouse

The weekend around August 25th, the annual French wakeskate cup at the cable Toulouse- Sesquières was held. Jerome Laloz, producer of this cool video, captured all the tricks that where thrown down this weekend. Such as: bigspins, kickies, kicky-variations and even an fs bigspin 360 by Leo in the finals.
To conclude this event you can only say that this sport is blowing up big time! Just look at the age of them young finalists and you’ll see that this new breed with their super-tech maneuvers is finally taking over!

Here are the results from open men:

  1. Leo Labadens (17 years old)
  2. Jan Kissman (16 years old)
  3. Kevin Calvez (19 years old)
  4. Bertrand Oustrières (20 years old)
French speaking readers can check this post on WakeBoardMag.net.

New Schnitzel Wakeskate Preview 2008

Here are the first pics from the 2008 New Schnitzel wakeskates. There is no denying that the quality of the 2007 concave wakeskates wasn't the best. There have been to many broken concaves. Let's hope that New Schnitzel has a new manufacturer or has take more attention on improving the quality for next years skates (2008).

The complete preview catalogue can be found here. For more news and specs check the New Schnitzel homepage in the next months. Picture on top is from New Schnitzel homepage (teamrider Sebastian Lampson).