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Tuesday, 4 September 2007

New Schnitzel Jam 2007, Heuchelheim

Take a deep breath, a really deep one: Andy Kolb (Liquid Force, Germany) the "Kolbinator" stomped this weekend (1.-2. September) at the New Schnitzel Jam following tricks in a 20min head: Over the kicker fs 360 as well as bs 360 and bs bigspin and in the flat an unbelievable biggerspin a 540 shovit with 360 body varial, bs bigspins, fs bigspins, a varial kickflip and classic solid kickflips, AWESOME. But this is not enough Dennis Knasiak (New Schnitzel, Germany) showed up that he can do board to board tantrum transfers over the kicker and Christ Air really save! Here the Result:

1. Andy Kolb (Liquid Force, Germany)
2. Dennis Knasiak (New Schnitzel, Germany)
3. Andy Gnidowski (New Schnitzel, Germany)

For all german reader at wakeskate bomb check this german article at gap magazin.de.

Don't miss the German wakeskate nationals present by Ripzone and the CarTrade24 Masterbattle (15.-16. September, Cable Island, Magdeburg, Germany).
All information and pics are from gap magazin.de.

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