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Tuesday, 18 September 2007

Ripzone German Nationals Results

The 2nd wakeskate nationals presented by Ripzone are done at Cable Island in Magdeboogie. Here are the results:

1. Hoffmann, Tine
2. Gündel, Katja
3. Bregar, Marina
1. Bausch, Michelle
2. Süss, Johanna

Junior men
1. Kissmann, Jan
2. Lacherbauer, Franz
3. Süss, Lukas

1. Ghoniem, Tarik
2. Preisner, Dominik
3. Hecht, Marco

1. Solle, Andre
2. Mühlhauser, Norbert
3. Alex, Harry

1. Andy Kolb
2. Reinhardt, Sandro
3. Grabsky, Jan

and a short list of the best tricks:

flat water
: varial kickflip, biggerspin, gazelle, kickflip, huge bs bigs
box: fs bigspin on bs shuv out, bs 360 shuv on bs shuv out, fs big out
flat (57 feet long): nosepress to bs 180 out, tailpress and nosepress to bs or fs 270 shuv out
kicker: bs360, fs540, tantrum board to board tranfer

Many thanks to all local sponsors Dates, Eisenherz, Brillen Kunze, Rock'n'Roll Skateshop, Autohaus Weber, Küchenchef, and especially thank to Ripzone Europe. For more pics look here:
Pics in this article are from Sebastian Weithaup, thanks.

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