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Monday, 31 August 2009


Only a couple more days and it’s finally time for Romboso jam #4!
Get prepared for a day full of amazing riding and some major partying!
Once again the jam is taking place at the cable in Duisburg Wedau. The after party will be at Zebrastall Bar in downtown Duisburg.
This event already is legendary so make sure you’ve at least witnessed it once!

The Wedau locals have set up some new rails this year so there will be some new goodies. Also the former pool jam will be transferred to the Sesitec 2.0 system where Unit Parktech obstacles are waiting to be shredded.

In order to participate click the registration sheet below (to view in actual size), then download it. Once you’ve filled it out send or fax it back to Dennis Knasiak (contact info see registration sheet).

Hopefully see y’all there!!!

Sunday, 30 August 2009

Nike 6.0 Aquafrolics

Click on the picture on top or here for the new Nike 6.0 wakeskate movie.

See you at the lake.

Friday, 28 August 2009

Monster Obstacle Magdeboogie

Here are the first rendered pics from the new monster obstacle at Cable Island Magdeboogie. The basic construction comes this week in the lake.
See you at the lake

Monday, 17 August 2009

New DOPE and UNLEASHED magazine
Dope #4 and Unleashed #31

Here is the link to the new Unleashed mag online and here are the topics:

  • Wake and Beach 09
  • Jibb?
  • Can we wakeboarding in paradise?
  • ITW Bomb
  • FISE 2009
  • Winch ballad with Nike 6.0
Second mag, the Dope magazine has published their issue #4. Here is the statement by about Dope magazine:

Friday, 14 August 2009

2010 Devotid Wakeskates and Union Winch Park Preview

Here are some news and pics about the 2010 wakeskate line by Devotid and the new Union park at Millington, MI.
Some improvements Devotid made for the new wakeskate line:

  • The waist of the concaves are a bit wider. 15.5-15.75
  • A beefier sidewall for cement ledge forgiveness.
  • The concaves outer perimeter is now thicker all the way around, which makes cutting at the wake more consistant and predictable.
  • Wider tip and tails for more back-foot realestate.
  • Die-cut screen-printed JESSUP griptape.
  • New Thicker and Stronger PBT base material.
  • Pre-marked drill spots for our new skate bump system.
Things Devotid did not change:
  • Birch/ Basswood layups
  • Slow cooked cold press lamination
  • Rock Solid H2o Adhesive
  • Hand shaped rider-influenced designs
  • Multi-coat High Gloss waterproof finishes

All information and pics are taken from the new Devotid website.

Wednesday, 12 August 2009

2010 CWB Wakeskates Preview

Wakeworld has published the first pics from the new CWB 2010 wakeskate line.

  • Onset 42"
  • Four.19 39.5
  • Deck 45"
  • Base 41" and 45"

See you at the lake ...

2010 Hyperlite and Byerly Wakeskates Preview

Here the first pics from the new 2010 Hyperlite and Byerly wakeskate line. All Hyperlite skates now come under the sub brand called catalyst.

Urso it a compression molded skate but with wood. 16 ply deck, concave top, die cut grip tape.
Nomad is a compression molded skate with deeper top concaves and kicks and an EVA / griptape blend top.
The vinyl is a bi - level, 9ply top deck with a thin compression molded base.
Byerly shows up two skates at the moment. The Blend is a bi Level, with a glassed ecore top deck, sealed wood deck for the feel and snap of wood but the durability of compression molding. ABS sidewalls to help seal the wood core and give max durability on sliders.The Revival is a compression molded skate with a limited lifetime warranty. True skate concaves, griptape top, dual level construction.All information and pics are taken from our friends down under wake.com.au.

Thursday, 6 August 2009

$4,500 Wakeskate Cash Prizes at Ukrainian Wake Park Open

The World Wakeboard Association (WWA) and the Ukrainian Water Ski and Wakeboard Federation (UWF) are pleased to announce the Ukrainian Wake Park Open and third stop of the 2009 WWA Wake Park World Series. This event will take place August 21-23 at the X-Traction Wake Park in Kiev with $27,000 in total cash prizes on the line.

This contest is open to all international competitors with 7 different categories in Pro Men, Pro Women, Pro Wakeskate, Junior Men, Masters Men, Obstacles Only contest and Night Winch Jam held on the Sesitec System 2.0. In addition to some incredible riding, there will be live music, open-air parties and a host of other activities, along with some sightseeing opportunities for those who wish to visit Kiev.
Cash Prize Money Pro Wakeskate
1st - $1,500
2nd- $1,000
3rd- $800
4th - $600
5th- $400
6th- $200

For more information about this event check the WWA Europe website. Here a short video from the last year tour stop.

Tuesday, 4 August 2009

Results 1st Wakeskate European Championships 2009
Ukkohalla, Finland

Kolbinator is back! That was the first that I have heard from the 1st Wakeskate European Championships in Ukkohalla. Here are the wakeskate results and the first official videos:Pro Men Wakeskate
1. Andy Kolb 71 Germany
2. Franz Lacherbauer 61 Germany
3. Martin Scambora 58.33 Slovakia
4. Michal Paska 51.67 Slovakia
5. Kévin Sudrat 45 France
6. Mike Ketellapper 31 Netherlands
Junior Men Wakeskate
1. Lukas Süß 64.67 Germany
2. Tim Schwiertz 57.33 Germany
3. Frederik Kuepper 56 Germany
4. Moritz Thiele 55 Germany
5. Dennis Dulko 54 Germany
6. Kevin Cobb 51 Austria

All results are taken from Cablewakeboard.net. Pics are taken from Ferdie Jansen at Picasa.