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Monday, 17 August 2009

New DOPE and UNLEASHED magazine
Dope #4 and Unleashed #31

Here is the link to the new Unleashed mag online and here are the topics:

  • Wake and Beach 09
  • Jibb?
  • Can we wakeboarding in paradise?
  • ITW Bomb
  • FISE 2009
  • Winch ballad with Nike 6.0
Second mag, the Dope magazine has published their issue #4. Here is the statement by about Dope magazine:

1 comment:

Joey Arcisz said...

SOOOO PUMPED!!! Im glad you guys keep showing DOPE! MAGAZINE some love. thanks so much. I dont know where you guys are located but hit me up if your ever in TX, we'll do some riding.