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Sunday, 31 August 2008

The Bomb, New Team Member
16hp winch with TAV Series 40

Here are some pics of our new team member, nickname "Bomb". The Bomb has already been tested for 4 months and boy does it haul ass! Here are the facts:

name: Bomb
location: Magdeboogie/Germany
engine: 16 hp (Honda replica)
frame: 2" square steel
tranny: Comet Torque Converter Model 40 Series
gear ratio: 17/65
spool: adjustable 6-8", 8 internal barrels, laser cut aluminum discs
rope: Dyneema, Liros D-PRO, 12-plaited, 3 mm ø, 1000 ft.
throttle: original
weight: 150 lbs (wheels in oktober '08)
worker: bachlonso, betty, maze, säbel, dude

Great thanks to all people who help us out building the winch especially Säbel from the Sackfabrik for his awesome welding and supplying the place for building the winch.


Max said...

Hello Wakeskate-Team,

I've got a couple of questions about your „new team-member, the bomb“

winch pulling an average wakeboarder?
Have you got any sort of safety-stop-system for your machine?
How many metres of water does it take you to pull the rider out of the water when doing a deep-water start?
What kind of breaks do you use for the winch?
Do you have an electrical starter for the motor?
What about the transmission? Do you use chains or does it work hydraulically?
For a deep-water start you obviously need a very high torque right at the beginning. What's your engineering sollution for that problem?
Have you got any experience in using your winch for snowboarding? Say you would like to use it for a big air event... you would need a very certain amount of speed just before the jump to get enough air to land at a certain distance. Is there any way to control that?

Looking foreward to hear from you! Cheers Max

Dude said...

Hello Max, write a PM to bachlonso or wakeskatedude at wakeskating.com for more information. short info:
the winch pulls everything, emergency stop button,
it depends on your skills there is more power then you can handle,
no brake necessary for wakeskating because the engine stops the spool in 5m at 30km/h,
no electric starter because of the battery weight but no problem,
transmission is a belt and a chain,
torque converter,
snowboarding without any problems,
for higher speeds you have to change the sprockets,
max speed at the moment is something around 35-40km/h,
we have a speedometer


manu said...

But can we buy it somewhere, and if yes what is the price?

dancilhoney said...

portable winch speed, at first impression, seems rather slow, it certainly speeds up the whole job quite dramatically (while giving the operator a bit of a breather) - makes everything a hell of a lot easier

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Why do you use belt and a chain for the transmission, why not just use a longer belt?
I whant to know coz im building a similar winch and i tought of just using a belt.

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