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Thursday, 7 August 2008

Wakestock 2008 Video
Vince Whiteman, Toronto Canada

Here the complete video footage from the wakestock 2008, Toronto Canada. This footage includes the boat runs and the pool action. Reed Hanson wins the Billabong boat competition with this technical tricks: w2w Heelside Shuv-it to Mute, a w2w Heelside Late Shuv and w2w Frontside 360 and a w2w Backside Bigspin. Here the result from the Oakley Pool event from sbcwakeboard.com.

Reed Hansen stomped a Backside Lipslide to win best trick on the challenging Down-Flat Rail. Chase Gregory landed a Backside Boardside to Switch Frontside Boardslide to 90 out win best trick on the Step-Down Ledge. Ben Horan styled out a locked-in Backside Noseslide to win best trick on the Down Rail. Matt Manzari stomped a Varial Flip down the 10-set staircase to win the best trick down the Stair Gap.

Video is linked to AllianceWakeskate online magazine. For more information check sbcwakeboard.com.


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