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Monday, 30 March 2009

2009 Wake Park World Championships
Wakeskate Results from the Phillies

Here are the results from the Wake Park World Championships 2009 - cable wake park final, rail park final and Camsur riders cup final (Boat).
1. Reed Hansen (USA) 75
2. Nick Taylor (USA) 56.67
3. Leo Labadens (FRA) 36.67
1. Andy Pastura (USA) 95
2. Reed Hansen (USA) 90
3. Nick Taylor (USA) 70
4. Nick Harlos (CAN) 50
1. Reed Hansen (USA) 92.33
2. Nick Taylor (USA) 73.33
3. Andy Pastura (USA) 56.33
4. Nic Harlos (CAN) 36.67

On Justin.TV you can see some video footage from the World Park Championships at the Camsur Water Complex. All pics and information are taken from the CWC homepage.

Monday, 23 March 2009

Australian Winch
Urban Rider Winch

Sometimes some things need a little bit more time. Since some month the Wakeskate Bomb has a Winch links section at the right side (scroll down). Take a look for some more winches. Here is the part V winches from Australia - Urban Rider.
Here are the facts for the Urban Rider winch:
Frame: Aluminum frame
Motor: 9 hp Vanguard pull start engine
Accessories: Key Ignition, Tav-2 torque converter, inflatable Wheels, 300m spectra line, wake handle, pistol grip control with hydraulic brake, custom plastic cover, detachable tow-bar hitch

All information and pics are taken from the Urban Rider website.

CWC live stream
Wake Park World Championships 2009

Here is the link to the Camsur Watersports Complex live stream. Check the overall time schedule at CWC homepage or look at the wakeskate only time schedule here at Wakeskate Bomb.

Friday, 20 March 2009

Treeknowlegde Core Production
production and virtual prototype video

Here are the latest news from Treeknowledge. The revolutionary new wood wakeskate is in the production process. After a meeting with all the team rider the concave was changed a little bit to make a real flip wakeskate. The cores are shaped and the wakeskates are now in the press for the upper and lower beld. The date for delivery seems to be the beginning of April.
The first video shows the shaping of the core with a Sinumerik 840D controlled 5 axis CNC milling machine. The second one is a short view on the virtual wakeskate model. This model is the base for making everything you can imagine with a wakeskate.
All videos are links to the Treeknowlegde homepage.

Thursday, 19 March 2009

Clint Tompkins
WetSignature blog straight from texas

Clint Tompkins is one of the best wakeskater at the moment and can ride behind everything cable, pwc, boat and especially winch. Here are some selected video clips straight from his Wet Signature blog. If you stay in texas and search for a gap take a look at his Wet Signature blog. Clint writes about every gap he find in his area. Second video clip shows a nice switch bigspin indy.
All blogger videos are direct links to WetSignature blog by Clint Tompkins. And last but not least the high definition video from the ponds.

Tuesday, 10 March 2009


As most of you already know about alliancewakeskate.com you migth be interested in its british offset www.alliancewake.co.uk.
 Yes... there are wakeskater in Great Britan.. not too unusual since it is an island.

If you wanna see how the english guys are riding you can check this video and this travel report form a trip to germany / Blaichach.

For all of you plannig a trip to germany in 2009: the cable in Blaichach is changing the owner / operator and the obstacle-park will be seriously cut. There are rumors that most of the sesitec-obstacles will be moved to new cable near freiburg.

But since germany has more cables than any other place thre are many substitutes. We can recoment the schwandorf - cable (see some pictures here) and of course the cable in Magdeburg

see you at the lake

Enric Dosta at CWC
Gap Winching and WWA Wake Park World Championships

Here is a short video from Enric Dosta (Spain) in the winch park at Camsur Water Complex. Don't forget to check CWC Wake TV on March 24th - 29th for the WWA Wake Park World Championships. Here is the time schedule:

Wednesday, March 25th
Semi Finals: Amateur Wakeskate (no age limit), Women’s Wakeskate (no age limit)

Thursday, March 26th
Quarter Finals: Pro Wakeskate (no age limit)

Friday, March 27th
Semi Finals: Amateur Wakeskate (no age limit), Women’s Wakeskate (no age limit)
Quailfying Round: CamSur Rider’s Cup – Pro Men and Pro Wakeskate (Boat)

Saturday, March 28th
Semi Finals: Pro Wakeskate (no age limit),
Final Round: CamSur Rider’s Cup – Pro Men and Pro Wakeskate (Boat)

Sunday, March 29th
Finals: Pro Wakeskate (no ages limit) TOP 6

All information and pic are taken from Camsur Water Complex website.

Friday, 6 March 2009

Online Magazines
Dope and Blast Magazine

There are two new wakeskate related online magazines in the web. First is Dope Magazines by Joey Arcisz. He has released a new website The Dope Magazine and a new issue of the magazine (check this post for the older issues). Video on top is also by Dope magazine and shows some nice tricks like a switch boardslide fs flip out by Clint Tompkins.The second magazine is Blast Magazine. Here a short quote from the Blast Magazine website:

BLAST Wakeskate Magazine is a publication produced bi-monthly and distributed throughout the United States to dealers, board shops, cable parks, events, and instructional camps free of charge. Each issue is also viewable and archived here on our website as they are published. We feel strong about supporting "rider owned and/or operated" entities and understand that the incentive to do so will innovate and push the sport as we know it with no boundaries.

They are open for every wakeskate related input. Don't forget to check the video section.First picture is taken out of the Dope magazine. Second picture is taken from the Blast magazine website.

Wednesday, 4 March 2009

Last Hurrah in Texas
Wakeskating In The Lonestar State

Here is a beautiful wakeskate video filmed by Bryan Soderlind and edited by Zachary Scheffer (song Bon Iver - Flume). Thanks Wakeboarding Magazine for the support for the video. Check the Liquid Force Obscura blog for a little context.