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Friday, 6 March 2009

Online Magazines
Dope and Blast Magazine

There are two new wakeskate related online magazines in the web. First is Dope Magazines by Joey Arcisz. He has released a new website The Dope Magazine and a new issue of the magazine (check this post for the older issues). Video on top is also by Dope magazine and shows some nice tricks like a switch boardslide fs flip out by Clint Tompkins.The second magazine is Blast Magazine. Here a short quote from the Blast Magazine website:

BLAST Wakeskate Magazine is a publication produced bi-monthly and distributed throughout the United States to dealers, board shops, cable parks, events, and instructional camps free of charge. Each issue is also viewable and archived here on our website as they are published. We feel strong about supporting "rider owned and/or operated" entities and understand that the incentive to do so will innovate and push the sport as we know it with no boundaries.

They are open for every wakeskate related input. Don't forget to check the video section.First picture is taken out of the Dope magazine. Second picture is taken from the Blast magazine website.


Anonymous said...

Forgot one


Anonymous said...

Lollar, even your anonymous posts reek of desperation. Please quit and leave us all alone.

Anonymous said...


Dude said...

He guys, thanks for the comments. I know the GripTapeMag, but for me it is not the classic online mag like the old alliance wakeskate online mags or the online standerd magazines as pdf, dope has 3 online mags out now and blast will start in some days - the goal is a real wakeskate magazine, griptape mag for me is more a cross over (skate, bmx, wakeskate, wakeboard) blog and website - but at the moment there is a column named magazine on the website which announces something coming soon so we will hopefully know more in the near future

BLAST! said...

Just to clarify guys and gals...BLAST is not an online magazine. It will be published, and very soon. Check the website every so often for updates regarding the magazine. Please don't hesitate to submit us some content too. We're pushing diversity male and female rippers and publishing raw material from all over the world. "We now have our own voice!"

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