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Monday, 21 May 2007

Liquid Force SST released

The article about the SST in the Alliance Wakeskate mag has been released again after having some problems with Liquid Force. Read here what the project leader Silas Thurman (Shaped by Silas Thurman - SST) says to this new wakeskate.

The Story Behind The Liquid Force SST Wakeskate
Discussion "Dual Board" "Bi Level Board"

Park Opening Part I

The first line is ready and it is AWESOME! Left hand: A-frame box (55 feet), kicker, flat box (30 feet); Right hand: Kicker, flat slider (60 feet), uprail. The second line on the opposing side with the 2 stage relentless slider will hopefully be shred-ready next weekend.

The opening day started out with a solid breakfast. An editor and a photographer from a german wakeboard mag were there with the liquid force pro Skupi. A nice show with transfers on the A-frame box, nuclear glide tantrum over the right kicker, and ollie onto the flat slider (height 3 feet) but everything with a wakeboard though. All other obstacles were also cleared by wakeskaters, A-frame with frontside boardslide, shove-it on onto the box, flat slider with spin-a-rounds, kicker with a lot of grabs and so on. Evening program was Ska Punk by Rantanplan in the Sackfabrik. It seems as if it was a good party. Better ask the guys from the wakeboard mag and Skupi. They were sligthly boozed :-D.

Tuesday, 15 May 2007

New Issue - Alliance Wakeskate Magazine

The issue 3.2 from alliance wakeskate magazine is out now. One interesting detail for all obstacle freaks out there can be found on page 40. Look here.

And if this is not enough, take a look at Lasewer online mag. Check Beans and Rice outtakes in the video section!

Sunday, 13 May 2007

kickerhausen !!!

It took a while but now the first obstacles are in place... two big kickers, one small kicker and the fabulous incline-rail. After some extensive testruns we can give our first rating: this park rocks, a lot of bruises included! A+

All obstacles are designed by a wakeskater, Jens Bach. Best premises for total skate action.

The obstacles will still need to be propperly lined up and wired to the ground. And the "big ones" are still to come. The pussy-box (a-frame rail with box), fat flat slider (17,5 m), the original "rööricht" and the unbelievable 25 m 2 stage relentless-slider should be in place within the next days.

official park opening is planned to be this weekend, on the 19. may 2007.

see you at the lake

Friday, 11 May 2007

New Link Category - Videos

YouTube - designed for rainy days! I like pictures and videos more than pure text. We live in a multimedia world. Therefore you'll find a new category on the right side of this blog. Video show - the latest or best videos related to skate, wake, surf, motox, snow, and other crazy stuff.

I know the next 4 videos are not the latest videos on YouTube but you can see the hole variantions of Flip trix. This I think, is the direction of wakeskating today. Matts latest trick, the Varial-Kickflip revert, can be seen on a skateboard at 1:05 in the Chris Haslam Video. Also double Kickflips from Rodney Mullen. Here the direct links:

last but not least, a wakeskate video:

Wednesday, 9 May 2007

if it´s a rainy day..

The last days felt like summer already.. and it´s easy to get used to those temperatures. But hey, my calender says it´s spring, right? So the current weather is like it should be.. here comes the remedy for rainy days: drew found a wakeskate-online game on wakeskating.com..

for a wakeskate newby like me with only cable-experience it´s nice to hit some wake2wake tricks.. hehe

newest flash-player required.. my computer is a bit too slow.. but it´s still fun!
Play it here!

see you at the lake

Tuesday, 8 May 2007

treeknowledge online again

treeknowledge is online again. After some serious makeover the only independent wakeskate company form Berlin / Germany has relaunched its website.

Their new 2007-skates up for sale also. Still having the old school shape treeknowledge improved the boards structure by including 9 layers of maple wood. I can´t wait to rock one of the new modells... since Magdeburg is treeknowledge-land, it won´t be long till someone shows up with it.

here are the specs:
Nearly flat deck - nose /
tail slightly concave
Length: S/M1.00 - M/L1.03
Width: 36,0 cm
3 Stage Rocker 3,8 cm
Wood: 9-ply maplewood 1.5mm
No Fins!!
Price: 238 €

nice new graphics!!

see you at the lake..

Monday, 7 May 2007

First obstacles ready

Another weekend with nice weather passed. The water temperature is rising steadily. Right now it's somewhat around 16°C. Not perfect, but really good conditions for placing obstacles and therefore spending the whole day in the water swimming and diving. This Wednesday will be the kick off for obstacle placement. Below you'll find the latest pictures of the finished obstacles waiting to be rocked. The date for the official park opening still remains may 19th.

Friday, 4 May 2007

Up Rail

Here are the latest NO-WATER pictures of the Up-rail. The kickers are almost finished and I hope we'll be able to try one or two hits this weekend.

Yesterday I found a new wakeskate company called Devotid at eBay.com. Does someone know something about this company? The double deck wakeskate looks pretty cool.

Wednesday, 2 May 2007

Anchors ready

YEEEAAAHHH! All anchors are placed! 35 anchors, weight per anchor approx. 2,200 pounds. One week just shipping around and putting anchors into place. Good things come to those who wait: The coverplates have arrived this week and I hope the first obstacle will be ready for its first watering.

The team worked their asses off! Every day until midnight this week. Okay maybe a bit overstated :o) ! Saturday was Liquid Force day. All new boards are doing well and we are lucky guys, because none has broken (quite contrary to the last year). LOL! Nice boards but actually not exactly my taste. I like square ones, like Treeknowledge or Kampus wakeskates. The double deck from Liquid Force will be in the shops soon. They will be available in the stores at the end of June 2007 (information directly from Liquid Force Germany)! They will have a new construction, consisting of fiberglass, like an ultra thick single deck. Does anyone have a picture, already?

The weather was unbelievable; I just wore boardshorts all day long. It seems to be, that we get an bloody-fucking HOT summer. Thats WICKED!