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Monday, 21 May 2007

Park Opening Part I

The first line is ready and it is AWESOME! Left hand: A-frame box (55 feet), kicker, flat box (30 feet); Right hand: Kicker, flat slider (60 feet), uprail. The second line on the opposing side with the 2 stage relentless slider will hopefully be shred-ready next weekend.

The opening day started out with a solid breakfast. An editor and a photographer from a german wakeboard mag were there with the liquid force pro Skupi. A nice show with transfers on the A-frame box, nuclear glide tantrum over the right kicker, and ollie onto the flat slider (height 3 feet) but everything with a wakeboard though. All other obstacles were also cleared by wakeskaters, A-frame with frontside boardslide, shove-it on onto the box, flat slider with spin-a-rounds, kicker with a lot of grabs and so on. Evening program was Ska Punk by Rantanplan in the Sackfabrik. It seems as if it was a good party. Better ask the guys from the wakeboard mag and Skupi. They were sligthly boozed :-D.

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