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Tuesday, 8 May 2007

treeknowledge online again

treeknowledge is online again. After some serious makeover the only independent wakeskate company form Berlin / Germany has relaunched its website.

Their new 2007-skates up for sale also. Still having the old school shape treeknowledge improved the boards structure by including 9 layers of maple wood. I can´t wait to rock one of the new modells... since Magdeburg is treeknowledge-land, it won´t be long till someone shows up with it.

here are the specs:
Nearly flat deck - nose /
tail slightly concave
Length: S/M1.00 - M/L1.03
Width: 36,0 cm
3 Stage Rocker 3,8 cm
Wood: 9-ply maplewood 1.5mm
No Fins!!
Price: 238 €

nice new graphics!!

see you at the lake..

1 comment:

Dude said...

here the correct data for the treeknowledge team 2007

Wood: Maple / No Fins!!
9-ply maplewood 1,5mm

the team 2006
7-ply maplewood 2mm