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Monday, 27 October 2008

Zipperless Vests - Endorsement
Liquid Force Cardigan Pullover

Liquid Force has lauched their new website and also a zipperless vest called Cardigan Pullover for 2009. The vest comes in two colours: grey/red and black/blue. For more information check the Liquid Force website.

Devotid 2009
Wakeskates, Bumps, and Apparel

Devotid has launched their new website for 2009. Devotid presents their new wakeskate line with two flat decks, a concave, and a bi level model. They also produce apparel and hardware. Here are the wakeskates for 2009:
  • Tripute 40 (flat deck)
  • Cruiser 42 (flat deck)
  • Movement 39 and 41 (concave deck)
  • Onboard 38, 40, 42 (bi level, new truck system)
All decks comes 15,5" wide and with Jessup grip tape. For more information about the decks check the Devotid homepage and don't forget to check the news section at the homepage.

Friday, 24 October 2008

2009 Nike 6.0 Preview
Morgan Mid, Cush, Marvk Mid

Here are the first pics from the new 2009 Nike 6.0 Wake Edition. The Wake Edition includes a Morgan mid model, a Cush model, and a Mavrk mid model. The release is announced for spring 2009, Morgan and Crush in April and Mavrk in May.

All information and picture are taken from WakeWorld.

European Winches Part I
Swiss NeverRide and Hungaria Gaboard

Here are the first two winch companies from Europe - Gaboard and NeverRide. At first some information about the winches build by NeverRide. They have a hydrostatic winch the X Hive and a classic winch with variomatic (torque converter). Both winches are handmade in Swiss.

First some facts of the NeverRide X Hive:
Frame: High end stainless steel frame with lasercut outer shell
Motor: Briggs & Stratton Engine
Accessories: hydrostatic drive, 4 transportation wheels, (digital) dashboard, FlipUp hood, Safety-Stop-System, 2 anchor point,a underfloor lights (fo ya bling), electric starter, shock absorbing engine suspension

Here are the facts for the NeverRide Nr One:

Frame: superior quality steel with outer shell
Motor: Briggs & Stratton Engine (Inspector 7.5PS, Basic 9.0PS, Superior 9.0PS with electro ignition)
Accessories: disc brake, easy line release, balanced weight for transportation, shock absorbing engine suspension, 2 wheels, 2 anchor points, 2 foldable transportation handles, vario-cluth-system

Another good concept comes out of hungaria. Gaboard has been producing winches for two years now. The Gaboard winch can be order with different engine sizes. The winch on the picture has a 400cubic centimeter engine which has 15hp.
Frame: classic frame with full outer shell
Motor: 270 - 400 cubic centimeter engine, 4 stroke
Accessories: 2 offroad wheels, disc brake, one control level for all functions, 100m rope

For more information about the winches check the Gaboard Winch or NeverRide homepage.

Tuesday, 21 October 2008

Zipperless Vests
O'Neill Gooru and Billabong Shogun & Teeb

Zipperless vests are famous since O'Neill presented the Gooru vest some years ago. Here are the first pics from the new 2009 Gooru Series and some facts:
  • three segmentation for added mobility and flexibility
  • ultra flexy Gooru Rubber and foam
  • longer cut with boardshorts tie in system
Also Billabong has released two different zipperless vests - Teeb Comp and Shogun. Here some facts about the billabong vests:
  • 100% Airlight superflex Neoprene
  • Flatlock construction
  • Anatomical foam paneling
  • Drain holes
  • Elastic drawcord and barrel lock
For more information check the Billabong or O'Neill website.
Update: Billabong has also a vest called Sanford, here a review on a French blog.

Monday, 20 October 2008

OneThirtyOne Tuggbox winch

There are a lot of new winches on the market at the moment. This is the start for a spate of posts about winches around the world. First stop is South Africa. The 131 Tuggbox is available as standard and as custom winch. Here are some facts about the winch:

Frame: box frame with bottle opener, any colour under the sun

Motor: 9hp Hoffman motor

Accessories: torque converter clutch, disk brake, X2 off road wheels, 200m line, rubber gripped handles, eyelets and shackle

For more information check the OneThirtyOne homepage.

Thursday, 16 October 2008

Preview Arson Wakeskates

The Omen mastermind published the first pictures of the new Arson wakeskates. The collection includes a low weight bi level (10.3 lbs) and a wood core concave composite. For more information check this threat on ws.com.

Wednesday, 15 October 2008

Liquid Force Wakeskates 2009
Impulse Concave, Faction Flat, and Obscura Serie

Here are the first pictures and information about the new Liquid Force wakeskates:
  • Impulse concave wood (40", 41", 42")
  • Faction flat wood (40", 42", 44") and
  • Obscura Serie (Danny Hampson, Aaron Reed)
The Faction is a symmetrical, 9 ply maple deck with a 3 stage rocker. The rails are softer around the whole board for more forgiving. The Faction comes with EVA molded pad for traction and 2 standard skate fins.
The Impulse has a asymmetrical shape with wider and more squared off nose and 3 stage rocker. It has a variable edge with softer rail in the middle, progresses to a crisp rail at the nose and tail. The Impulse comes with die cut Jessup and 2 standard skate fins. The Impulse is drilled for use of our accessory fins for locking into rails.

Saturday, 11 October 2008

Wakeskating All Over The World
Tolyans Hardfcukers Mob Russian Wakeskate Crew

All over the world you can find wakeskater also in Russia. Here is the first video from the Russian wakeskate crew called Tolyans Hardfcukers Mob. They will publish a full length video in the next year. The huge obstacle park in the video is located in Kiew, Ukraine.

Saturday, 4 October 2008

Oak Wakeskates in Europe
OGUSO Distribution, Oak Team Skater Wanted!

Since now OGUSO exclusively imports Oak wakeskates and accessories for Germany and Austria. For more information about the wakeskates check this former post here at the Wakeskate Bomb or the Oak homepage.

Here are two promo videos from the whole Oak wakeskate team. Check it out!
Oak is a real core company by wakeskates for wakeskaters since years. You want be a part of it? If yes then now is your time, Oak Germany is looking for new team skaters.

You are the oldest wakeskater in universe?
You are the inventor of style itself?
You are so good that you must be sponsored?
You are the coolest wakeskater in Europe?
You are The womanizer?

If you can do special tricks or you are an important person in Germany's wakeskate scene send a email to Oak wakeskates. Here are the contact data:

E Mail: oakwakeskates(at)gmx.de or contactus(at)oguso.de
Yellow Mail: OGUSO, Eichenhof 5, 15831 Mahlow

Thursday, 2 October 2008

Nick Taylor in Esoteric

A big thanks goes to Wakeboardmag.net (France) for publishing this video and many more. Check the Wakeboardmag Vimeo account!