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Tuesday, 23 September 2008

Oak Wakeskates 2009 Preview
Update! 2009 Oak wakeskates now for sale

Here are the first pics from the new Oak wakeskate line for 2009 and a comment from Oak about the new skates.

Hard rock maple and basswood crossply layup. Rock solid maple bottom with new oak patented exclusive wood integrated graphic process for a true all wood wakeskate. 16-ply concave. Three-stage rocker. Patented oak rebar fins. Jessup griptape. Tested and proven molecular bonding and sealing process which is all done in house, personally by us at oak, no out sourcing! All boards sealed and hand rolled with a two part epoxy resin system which adheres the wood fibers together, increases strength, pop, overall durability, keeps wood from warping and waterproofs the boards. The boards are then topped off with multiple coats of a top of the line marine urethane three part poly top seal. Built to take a hit.

All information are taken from Oak homepage. Don't forget to try skate bumps - Oak Udders.

Update: 2009 Oak wakeskates now for sale. Check Achorsawaywake at Ebay.com! They make shipping woldwide and payment via paypal, yeah that is realy nice!

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