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Wednesday, 17 September 2008

Skatepark on Water
Red Bull shows the possibilities of Sesitec 2.0 Cable

Red Bull built the Wake Lab on Lake Eola in Orlando Downtown. Inspired by the great skate- and snowparks Pat Pankos (The Projects) built the biggest obstacle park as one floating object within 3 weeks. The obstacle park includes an integrated pool, a flatboard-downrail, a handrail, a ledge-to-ledge gap, an a-gap, and a huge wallride. Picture and information are taken from the-gap-magazin. More pics and info:
Looks amazing. There you can see the possibilities of a Sesitec 2.0 Cable. Build your own wakeskatepark in your backyard. The cost of a Sesitec 2.0 Cable plus park are equal to a new high class wakeboard boat.


mb said...

Yea, we were there it was really a great show! Hey I can't find a way to contact you so I want to pass on a video, Scott Stewart, he's a little known wakeboarder who has really innovative style, you'll be surprised. Check it out: http://coastalblog.wordpress.com/2008/09/06/scotts-video/

Sascha said...