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Monday, 8 September 2008

New Wakeskates - Online
Website Opening 2008-09-15

The new New Wakeskate site goes online at 2008-09-15. Here the statement about the construction and new things:

Construction: Wood venneers bend into concave, not routered out. No waist construction means less wood , less expensive , and naturally stronger. Penetrating epoxy sealed before graphic is applied. layer of cloth on deck keeps it strong . short stubby aluminum fins

News: The web site actually keeps record of all the clients. We have improved the bi level John Ruarks board comes with nugs and has a carbon shell around it. Andrew Pastura made his board 1/8" wider we have a thick flat deck

Make your own skate under the custom option. You can choose the outline, the length, the width and the concave. All information and picture from New wakeskates website. Check it out!

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