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Wednesday, 30 July 2008

Ben Horan Pure Skate Style
Photographer Megan Miller, Standerd Quarterly

Sometimes Standerd Quarterly offers great pictures as a wallpaper for download. At the moment wakeskate shots are very popular there (last shot was Brian Grubb acid drop from an airplane wing). From the view as a photographer wakeskating has more potential than wakeboarding because in the pic you have two elements which you can arrange the wakeskate and the skater.

Thanks to JeffKnow for publishing the two pics of Ben Horan from Oak at ws.com. Pictures were shot by Megan Miller (more pics on Standerd Slices or on alligator.org). Wallpaper can be found on Standerd Quarterly.

Tuesday, 29 July 2008

Texas Ski Ranch Cable Footage

At Alliance wakeskate mag you can find two really good parts of video footage from the second stop of the Byerly Toe Jam Tour 2008. Check this two links:
The next stop of the tour is August 21.-23. at Wasaga Beach. Thanks to Steve Cambell for the good footage. All information from Alliance Wakeskate magazine.

UGP apparel package
two years wakeskating.ch

For 2 years the swiss wakeskate crew around Partrick (UDG, Neverride) is online now. Congratulations. Therefore you can win a UDG apparel package at Wakeskating.ch. The apparel package contains two t-shirts and a jeans. Check this article on wakeskating.ch or write an email with your best riding pictures directly to info(at)wakeskating.ch. Deadline is the end of August. Good Luck!

All information are taken from wakeskating.ch.

Monday, 28 July 2008

Wakestock 2008 Toronto Canada
first pics Oakley pool setup

At sbcwakeboard.com you can see the first pics from the Wakestock 2008 in Toronto Canada. One of the most interesting thing for wakeskating was the Sesitec portable cable system 2.0. Here the note from sbcwakeboard homepage about this system:

Generating perhaps the most excitement of the day was the world debut of the new Sesitec System 2.0 portable wake cable system from Germany at the Oakley Wakeskate Pool Jam. This incredible cable system pulled the world’s top wakeskaters out of the Oakley launch pool, down a three rail, 10 stair set out into the wake course and then back to the pool. Beyond elevating pool events to a whole new level the System 2.0 showcased new possibilities for pool events and the whole sport.
All pics and information from sbcwakeboard.com. Like every year big props to Oakley for the pool setup.

Orangina Wake Jam Tour 2008
Surfing and Wakeskating in France

Here are the last stops of the 2008 Orangina wake jam tour in France:
  • 10-11. August Arcachon, Plage Thiers
  • 14.-16. August Lacanau Ocean, Plage Central
  • 10.-15. September La Rochelle, Plage Minimes
  • Final of the tour is end of September in Paris,
The last stops (except the final in Paris) are all located at the Atlantic Ocean - surfing, wakeskating and beautiful girls on the beach that's South West France. The Orangina wake jam tour has a pool set with a A frame, straight rail (box) and a kicker. The pics are taken from the stop in Marseille.

Information and pics are from Unleashed Mag and Orangina homepage. Kicker pic is from doc_geoff at flickr.com. See you between the unleashed.fr girls and wakeboardmag.net girls on the beach.

Friday, 25 July 2008

New Byerly Bi Level 2009

Here the first pics of the new Byerly bi level wakeskate. Check this article on Alliance wakeskate magazine.

Results Romboso Jam Vol. 3
Doomsday 2008

Here are the results of the Romboso Doomsday 2008:

1. Dennis Knasiak tantrum board to board transfer
2. Luki Suess Frontflip board transfer to crash
3. Andy G. huge BS 180


1. Tarik Ghoniem table big spin on
2. Jan Kissmann fs boardslide to shuv 270 out
3. Andy G. 360 shuvit on

Slider/A Frame

1. Mumpitz A-frame delivery boy
2. Tarik Ghoniem A-Frame with gap shuvit
3. Luki Suess A-Frame with huge gap 360 shuvits to crash


1. Dom Fentrup
2. Jan Kissmann
3. Henny Lampson

1. Dennis Knasiak dock start from the roof
2. Didi huge fingerflip
3. Jasper Sibbers big fingerflip

1. Jan Kissmann fs 360 gap
2. Tarik Ghoniem fs big spin gap
3. Henny Lampson kickflip crash gap

Over All Men
1. Jan Kissmann
2. Tarik Ghoniem
3. Dennis Knasiak

Over All Women

Johanna Suess

Best Slam
Cruz training session kickflip to rupture of capsule

During the Romboso weekend the german and dutch wakeskaters showed a lot of new tricks. One highlight was the Friday morning session on which the whole crowd was on flips especially Dennis Knasiak and Lukas Süß with clean heelflips. The overall wakeskate riding level is obviously increasing in germany. The party and the night shooting at the pool were awesome, too.

Results are taken from the Romboso homepage. Pictures shot by Betty from wakeskate bomb squad (click here for more pics wakekillaz.de).

Wednesday, 23 July 2008

Not What Cha Think Out Now
Oregon Trail Trash Production

The first video from Oregon Trail Trash Productions is out now. You can order the video on the NotWhatChaThink homepage. Payment is possible via PayPal. The price for international delivery to europe is around 10 Dollar.
For some bonus video material (Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5) and more information about OTT Production check the OTT MySpace website.

Monday, 21 July 2008

Romboso Jam Vol.3
Doomsday 2008 - Duisburg/Wedau

Against great weather odds the Romboso Crew once again organized successfully the incredible and amazing Romboso Jam Vol. 3 at their homespot Duisburg/Wedau. To get a significant impression of the level and variety of tricks at the different challenges (Pool, Dockstart, Cat Walk/Ghetto Slider, A-Frame/Slider, Flat, Kicker), of the enthusiasm of the spectators and the temper at the after party look at the video. In YouTube click on "watch in high quality" right beneath the video to get better quality. Thanks to Lukas Süß for providing the video.

Results and additional stuff will follow soon.

Thursday, 17 July 2008

Tarik Ghoniem at Nike 6.0 Migration Day

While beeing invited over to the US by Nike 6.0, Treeknowledge team rider Tarik Ghoniem had the chance to rock out with some of the sports top pros like Nick Taylor, Matt Manzari and Ben Horan.
Nike had set up a four hour demo in which everyone was charging a little rail set-up behind the Hive.
Go and check out Alliance Wakeskate for a whole article and more photos.

The Bomb Squad is looking forward to ride with you at Romboso Jam Tarik!

Tuesday, 15 July 2008

Progression on Video
Flip Terror

Here are new videos which shows the progression in wakeskating very well.
You can search for the videos from the last year Byerly Toe Jam here on this blog in the left upper corner.

The first one is from the Byerly Toe Jam stop at TSR - 2008 Steven Campbell on incline: boardslide to varial flip, remember 2007 Ben Horan kickflip from the flat rail. The second one (the video here on top) is found on YouTube and shows alot of different flip tricks from Austin and Andrew Pastura. Last but not least a very good footage from the Byerly Toe Jam start at Projects on Superhuman mag the footage shows not only sick tricks also alot of bails are included therefore the feeling for the level of the Byerly Toe Jam is much better.

Friday, 11 July 2008

Doomsday 2008 - RMBS
2008 July 19 Duisburg Wedau

Don't forget next weekend (2008 July 19th) is the biggest wakeskate event in germany the famous Romboso Jam at the cable Duisburg Wedau. All crews out of Germany are coming (G-Ray, Romboso Crew, Wakekillaz, Treeknowlegde, Jibbentails). Also some international rider are on the rider list (Netherlands, Swizz, France). The Wakeskate Bomb crew will arrive at Thursday July 17th. Don't miss this event!

For more information check the Romboso Myspace website. Picture is also taken from there.

Sunday, 6 July 2008

Final Runs Wakeskate
2008 Wake Park World Championships

Here the result from the Wake Park World Championships 2008 at the Camsur Water Complex:

Professional Wakeskate Finals

  1. Nick Taylor (USA)
  2. Reed Hanson (USA)
  3. Andy Kolb (GER)
  4. Brett Little (USA)
  5. Ryan Doyle (CAN)
  6. Leo Labadens (FRA)

Amateur Wakeskate Finals

  1. Jannik von Lerchenfeld (GER)
  2. Dennis Devinagracia (PHI)
  3. Norbert Vasko(HUN)
  4. Daniel Grant(THAI)
Click on the first pro riders (1.-3.) to see the video footage. Thanks cwcwaketv! On top of this post the video shows the final run from Andy Kolb. For the other final runs check Justin.TV. Result list is from boardforce.net.

Thursday, 3 July 2008

2008 Wake Park World Championships
Qualification results and Justin.TV online tv

On Justin.TV you can see video footage from the World Park Championships at the Camsur Water Complex. Check this episode at 51:00 min for wakeskating.

Here are the results from the qualification:

Pro Wakeskate Heat 1
1. Hansen Reed – USA
2. Kolb Andy – GER
3. Pastura Andrew – USA
4. John Ruark – USA

Pro Wakeskate Heat 2
1. Taylor Nick – USA
2. Dela Torre Carlo – PHI
3. Webb JD – USA
4. Larppichetpaiboon Pollawat – TAI–DQ

Pro Wakeskate Heat 3
1. Little Bret – USA
2. Hair Austin – USA
3. Zint Kristof – GER
4. Bys Mathew – SA

Pro Wakeskate Heat 4
1. Labadens Leo – FRA
2. Doyle Ryan – CAN
3. Becquerieux Luis – SPA
4. Kwang Sik Kwon “KK” – DQ

Am Wakeskate Heat 1
1. Vasko Norbert – HUN
2. Lerchenfeld Janik – GER
3. Devinagracia Dennis – PHI
4. Tanny Raynald – FRA
5. Francisco Raffy – PHI
6. Vargas Carlos – PH – DQ

Am Wakeskate Heat 2
1. Grant Daniel – THAI
2. Britanico Robbie – PHI
3. Carppichetpritoon Pollowat – THAI
4. Regaldo Nino – P=HI
5. Hecht Wendt Kyle – SA – DQ

Thanks to boardforce.net for the results. All other information are from CWC website. Picture is a screenshot from Justin.TV.

Wednesday, 2 July 2008

Skate'n'Slide Volume 3 canceled

Here the latest infos from Patrick (Neverride, UGP Swiss) about the Skate'n'Slide in Zurich, Switzerland July 19th 2008:

Unfortunately it is not possible to realize a Skate'n'Slide in 2008. The searching of sponsors for the event was unsuccessfully, because it looks like Footballaballa is even more interesting then wakeskating, wakeboarding or skateboarding...

Is the Football-Fever out, it is already to late. With a heavy heart we have to advise that Skate'n'Slide Vol. 3 is cancelled for this year.

For all non European reader, the European championships in soccer was in Switzerland and Austria this year. We hope Skate'n'Slide is back 2009. All information from Skate'n'Slide homepage.

Liquid Force presents One Wake
wakeskate & wakeboard event in Czech Republic

The Liquid Force One Wake wakeskate and wakeboard event take place in the Czech Repulic in Pardubice / Melice from July 12th to July 13th 2008. Check this link for more infos about the location. Here the timeline for the event:

All day long : Hip Hop & Reggae DJs & Video projekce
11.00 – 14.00 : Qualifying Wakeskate
14.00 – 18.00 : Qualifying Wakeboard
18.30 – X : Qualifying results
19.00 : Welcome Party


All day long : Hip Hop & Reggae DJs & Video projekce
11.00 – 14.00 : Finale Wakeskate
14.00 – 18.00 : Finale Wakeboard
18.30 : Pricegiving
18.45 – X : Good bye Party

All information and picture are taken from wakeskating.ch. Thanks Patrick!

Tuesday, 1 July 2008

ERA Wakeskates

There is a new company at the wakeskate market. ERA is a company with a very different approach: no big team, no big commercials, no big online site, only wakeskates in length 39",40",41",42" for a nice price made by a skateboard company. The shape of the wakeskates looks like a classic one some years ago. Here are some information from ERA wakeskates:

Era Wakeskates are made in Oregon. With 8 plys of Oak and Douglas Fir makes this board 100% made in America and the strongest wood wakeskates on the market. All other wakeskate company's use Maple wood, we use Oak wood which is 15-25% stronger than Maple. Era wakeskates are 3D concaved with a 3 stage rocker, and variable edges. Marine grade clear coat for ultimate weather protection. All boards are gripped with Jessup grip tape. All boards are solid color with custom graphic printed on a HDPE plastic bottom. HDPE plastic is the most durable and bullet proof plastic available. Boards are direct from the manufacture so the savings are passed onto you!

All information are taken from the ERA website. Online shop can be found on Ebay.com.