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Wednesday, 30 July 2008

Ben Horan Pure Skate Style
Photographer Megan Miller, Standerd Quarterly

Sometimes Standerd Quarterly offers great pictures as a wallpaper for download. At the moment wakeskate shots are very popular there (last shot was Brian Grubb acid drop from an airplane wing). From the view as a photographer wakeskating has more potential than wakeboarding because in the pic you have two elements which you can arrange the wakeskate and the skater.

Thanks to JeffKnow for publishing the two pics of Ben Horan from Oak at ws.com. Pictures were shot by Megan Miller (more pics on Standerd Slices or on alligator.org). Wallpaper can be found on Standerd Quarterly.

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jahresendseo-day said...

Wollte mal hallo sagen! Ihr habt ein coolen Blog. Ich bin Skaterin und würde mich freuen wenn ihr mich auch mal besuchen kommen würdet.

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