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Monday, 28 July 2008

Orangina Wake Jam Tour 2008
Surfing and Wakeskating in France

Here are the last stops of the 2008 Orangina wake jam tour in France:
  • 10-11. August Arcachon, Plage Thiers
  • 14.-16. August Lacanau Ocean, Plage Central
  • 10.-15. September La Rochelle, Plage Minimes
  • Final of the tour is end of September in Paris,
The last stops (except the final in Paris) are all located at the Atlantic Ocean - surfing, wakeskating and beautiful girls on the beach that's South West France. The Orangina wake jam tour has a pool set with a A frame, straight rail (box) and a kicker. The pics are taken from the stop in Marseille.

Information and pics are from Unleashed Mag and Orangina homepage. Kicker pic is from doc_geoff at flickr.com. See you between the unleashed.fr girls and wakeboardmag.net girls on the beach.


Sascha said...

miss juin arrrr:)

Dude said...

french girls ahhhhh ;)