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Monday, 28 July 2008

Wakestock 2008 Toronto Canada
first pics Oakley pool setup

At sbcwakeboard.com you can see the first pics from the Wakestock 2008 in Toronto Canada. One of the most interesting thing for wakeskating was the Sesitec portable cable system 2.0. Here the note from sbcwakeboard homepage about this system:

Generating perhaps the most excitement of the day was the world debut of the new Sesitec System 2.0 portable wake cable system from Germany at the Oakley Wakeskate Pool Jam. This incredible cable system pulled the world’s top wakeskaters out of the Oakley launch pool, down a three rail, 10 stair set out into the wake course and then back to the pool. Beyond elevating pool events to a whole new level the System 2.0 showcased new possibilities for pool events and the whole sport.
All pics and information from sbcwakeboard.com. Like every year big props to Oakley for the pool setup.

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