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Tuesday, 18 December 2007

Technique Style - Ryan Lemons

Here the latest video material from Ryan Lemons. The material is not the newest one, but one of the best tech trick flip wakeskate videos.
Check it out!

Wednesday, 12 December 2007

Cartrade 24 Masterbattle Video Ready
Andre Solle Wakekillaz Crew

Here is the latest video clip from the amazing wakeskate weekend in Magdeboogie, Germany. Andre Solle member of the Wakekillaz crew is the creator of the video. You can see awesome tricks on the funbox, slider, kicker and flat section. The final was head to head.

You need a pull in freezing cold germany? Check the Wakekillaz shoutbox, the cable in Magdeboogie Cable Island is open if you find 5 persons which want skate.

Check the Wakekillaz homepage for more information.

Volume Wakeskate Issue 6 available

The new video from Volume Wakeskate is available. Here you can find a couple clips with Ben Horan and Reed Hansen. Topic's:

1) The Pro Spotlight go to none other than Nick Taylor.
2) Stop 2 of the Byerly Toe Jam Tour, the Rockstar Cable Jam.

Check the Volume Wakeskate homepage for more information, picture is also from there.

Tuesday, 11 December 2007

Nike Air Morgan Wake

Nike has anounced a new wakeskate shoe for 2008. It's the same durable Morgan that we've always had, but with closed-cell foam to make it lighter in the water - says Silas Thurman, Team Manager at Nike 6.0.

Information and picture are from Nike 6.0 Website.

Dallas Winch Trip Part I

It's been a long time since you could see video footage from Clint Tompkins. He is the master of rails. A new 4 part video series with Clint Tompkins, Matt Hooker, Bret Little has started. This is the comment from the crew: This is the first of a four part series documenting the Dallas winch trip. Stay tuned for part two next week. Oh, and i never... NEVER... claimed anything. Listen up!
and here is the link.

Stop by alliancewake.com next week for part 2 or check the wakeskatebomb. All information are from alliancewake.com. Picture (Clint Tompkins) is from NoFear website.

Updated La Sewer Website
Homeless Video Trailer

La Sewer Crew has updated their homepage. Topics are:

  • Crooked Murff is Rider Of the Year 2007
  • The Homeless video should be in your hands
  • Which are you? Am? Or pro?
  • Again if your bored. Skateboarding
  • Josh Jansson: Russian Tourist
  • Film and Digital Portfolio
Homeless video trailer is out now, check it out at the alliancewake video site. Josh Jansson told about the release date of the final video: "release dates are bulljive anyways, this isnt fiznackling (Kyle added the fiznackling) Hollywood."
Picture and information are from La Sewer homepage.

Monday, 10 December 2007

Oakley "Push Process"

Oakleys new wakeboard and wakeskate movie "Push Process" is premiering throughout the US. The ones of you that have already watched the trailer will agree with me saying that this is something big coming towards us. George Daniels and Danny Hampson are just two names I wanna mention here.
According to their blog it will be available for purchase anytime soon. Have your eyes open!

Tuesday, 4 December 2007

Alliance Wakeskate Magazine 3.5

Finally there's an end to the long wait. AllianceWake just published their 3.5 online wakeskate magazine. So stop by alliancewake.com and enjoy!!!

Wakekillaz New Video
Ripzone German Nationals

Here the latest video from Andre Solle from the Wakekillaz Crew about the "Ripzone Wakeskate German championships" and the "Light Up da Box Battle". Nice work, but the music is not my taste. Check the Wakekillaz homepage for more information.