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Tuesday, 30 June 2009

We're Just Skiing
An all winch film, produced by 420 Films

Preorder time for We're Just Skiing is up to July 3rd. Pre order a copy in the next 3 days you will only have to pay $15 dollars for the movie rather than the MSRP of $20. Check the 420 Films blog for the Google shop link and more information.

LaSewer - Online Mag

La Sewer Magazine is now available for pdf download. For more news and lurker information check the LaSewer blog.

Thursday, 25 June 2009

Think Tank Video Footage

Here the latest video footage from the Think Tank event in UK.

Tuesday, 16 June 2009

2009 WWA Wake Park USA Nationals Results

Check the videofootage from the US Wake Park nationals.
check the massiv V-Flip over the kicker at 2:30 min in the clip... woaa

The wakeskateresults are:

Pro Wakeskate
1st Reed Hansen
2nd Brett Little
3rd Steve Campbell

see you at the lake

Think Thank video

Here is the Think Thank video footage form this years jam.

Check also AllianceWakeskate UK for more Infos.

see you at the lake

wet signature bi-level skate

Wet Signature has published the first pics of their new stick. It´s a bi-level wooden skate with a quite unique shape. it looks a little like a snowskate..

Here are some spec-descriptions and pictures taken from the www.wetsignature.blogspot.com:

"This wood core is the only one of its kind in the market and for now im not gona say to much about it so it stays that way. It has a 3 stage rocker that is 1.5 inchs. It can be from 39-41 inchs in length, and it weights in at about 12 1/2 pounds so this one wont fly away on you. Both top and bottom core's are completelyin closed in a pbt plastic skin and closed off with black abs side wall. It is designed to ride like a bi level with more dramatic contour top but feel more like a 3d solid board.I have closed cell foam pads between the board to support the top deck and prevent from flexing very much. The pads also add some great cushioning when jumping big gaps or going big on the boat."
Animated gifs are taken from the Dope magazin. See you at the lake

Sunday, 14 June 2009

Oguso Team Skates available

Besides distributing OAK, INTEGRITY and UGP in Germany, OGUSO now has their own team skate. It is custom made to the size of 39,5"x16" with a 3-stage rocker of 2,1". According to Oguso the boards can be preordered now and will finally be available in two weeks. First buyers will get an extra t-shirt with board so make sure you hurry up.

Tuesday, 9 June 2009

A Journey Into Wakeskating

The guys from neverride are on a roadtrip in the southern part of germany, switzerland and austria. Along with the team they will bring their skates for testing and of course: a winch!

The dates:

Montag 08.06. & Dienstag 09.06. WakePark Thulba 

Mittwoch 10.06. Wasserskipark Aschheim 

Donnerstag 11.06. Seilbahn Kiefersfelden 

Freitag 12.06. Seilbahn Gundelfingen - mit Grill&Chill ab 19:00 

Samstag 13.06. KGB Traunsee/Gmunden (A) - Boot Session 

Sonntag 14.06. Jetlake Feldkirchen (A) 

Mittwoch 17.06. ab 20:00 Barfly Sonthofen 

„My Drinking Team Has A Wakeskate Problem...“ 

Donnerstag 18.06. ab 19:00 BoardersNIGHT & 

Freitag 19.06. all day long... Inselsee Allgäu 

Samstag 20.06. Wasserskipark Pfullendorf 

Sonntag 21.06. Boarderhouse Berlingen (CH) 

ab 10:00 BootSession & Grill&Chill

check www.neverride.com

see you at the lake

Monday, 8 June 2009

Water Monsters!

Here the latest video footage from the Water Monster crew. Check out the back 3 kickflip and switch varial heel at end of the clip. For more information about the Water Monster crew check there blog. Thanks to Alliance Wakeskate magazine.

German Wakeskate Nationals
Blue Bay - Heeder See, August 22th 2009

Here is the timeline for the German Wakeskate Nationals:

  • start qualification: 10 am
  • start finals: 6 pm
  • after party: 10 year Blue Bay Party with DJ Chris and special live act
The comp take place at the Blue Bay at the Heeder See. The cable park has 5 obstacles (2 kicker, funbox, slider, box).

For more information check the Blue Bay homepage.

Thursday, 4 June 2009

Signature wakeskate comany
new 3d wakeskate by Clint Tompkins

Here are one of the first pics from the Signature wakeskates made by Clint Tompkins. Thanks to Brooke Geery from Alliance Wakeskate for publishing this picture. Here a short quote from the WetSignature blog:

Im not going into to much detail on construction just yet ... has some deep roots in snowboarding since we all know snow is just frozen water ... It is made to be ridin hard and have a life spand that will rival any fully composit board. It is 99% wood core but is fully enclosed in a composite skin and sidewalls to ensure no water logging. It looks like a bi level but with a closed cell foam core between the top and bottom deck to prevent the top deck from flexing so it rides and feels more like a solid 3d deck.The board size can be between 39 to 41 inches in length and a width of 13 1/2 inch's.

Check WetSignature blog for more information.

Tuesday, 2 June 2009

ThinkTank 2009
first pics friday, saturday, wrap up

Check Alliance Wakeskate UK for the latest news about the ThinkTank photo shoot event last weekend.

Congratulation Jan and Tarik. See you at the lake!