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Tuesday, 16 June 2009

wet signature bi-level skate

Wet Signature has published the first pics of their new stick. It´s a bi-level wooden skate with a quite unique shape. it looks a little like a snowskate..

Here are some spec-descriptions and pictures taken from the www.wetsignature.blogspot.com:

"This wood core is the only one of its kind in the market and for now im not gona say to much about it so it stays that way. It has a 3 stage rocker that is 1.5 inchs. It can be from 39-41 inchs in length, and it weights in at about 12 1/2 pounds so this one wont fly away on you. Both top and bottom core's are completelyin closed in a pbt plastic skin and closed off with black abs side wall. It is designed to ride like a bi level with more dramatic contour top but feel more like a 3d solid board.I have closed cell foam pads between the board to support the top deck and prevent from flexing very much. The pads also add some great cushioning when jumping big gaps or going big on the boat."
Animated gifs are taken from the Dope magazin. See you at the lake

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