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Tuesday, 9 June 2009

A Journey Into Wakeskating

The guys from neverride are on a roadtrip in the southern part of germany, switzerland and austria. Along with the team they will bring their skates for testing and of course: a winch!

The dates:

Montag 08.06. & Dienstag 09.06. WakePark Thulba 

Mittwoch 10.06. Wasserskipark Aschheim 

Donnerstag 11.06. Seilbahn Kiefersfelden 

Freitag 12.06. Seilbahn Gundelfingen - mit Grill&Chill ab 19:00 

Samstag 13.06. KGB Traunsee/Gmunden (A) - Boot Session 

Sonntag 14.06. Jetlake Feldkirchen (A) 

Mittwoch 17.06. ab 20:00 Barfly Sonthofen 

„My Drinking Team Has A Wakeskate Problem...“ 

Donnerstag 18.06. ab 19:00 BoardersNIGHT & 

Freitag 19.06. all day long... Inselsee Allgäu 

Samstag 20.06. Wasserskipark Pfullendorf 

Sonntag 21.06. Boarderhouse Berlingen (CH) 

ab 10:00 BootSession & Grill&Chill

check www.neverride.com

see you at the lake

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