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Tuesday, 24 April 2007

Nothing in water

Bad news: no coverplates have arrived during the last week, no obstacles are in the water (also not for the liquid force day, next weekend 28.04.2007) and only 8 anchors have been placed. A new day for the park opening is appointed, the 19.05.2007, but I think this is only a joke. I think the complete park won't be opened until June. Shit happens :)

Last but not least, here a few interesting links:

Wednesday, 18 April 2007

Kampus Wakeskates still exists

After some years with lots of problems producing wakeskates and wakeskate shoes, Kampus has developed a new line for 2007. Here's a part of an article published on wakeskating.com

"After skipping 2005 and most of the 2006 production season with their wakeskate line, their new high-end board construction was revealed and it looked pretty impressive. Utilizing their experience with manufacturing snowboards, they developed a unique core lay up that’s comprised of vertically laminated wood with woven fiberglass that ends 1.5 inches from the board’s edge. These new design features add strength and durability to the high-end line in order to keep up with the demands of today’s riding.

The top sheet and base on the high-end models (the late season Leif release and the new for 07 Clint Tompkins pro model) consisted of PBT plastic for more durability, which is a change from previous Kampus wakeskate designs. Both models have the new core lay up, but the Leif pro model was a flat deck, while Clint’s pro model is the first concave release from Kampus."

For more information check this out or check the latest issue from Alliance wake magazine.

Monday, 16 April 2007

correct obstacle dimensions

Here are the correct dimensions of the new obstacles. Abbreviation: lenght=L, height=H, width=W

  • a-frame box (L=16,5m, H=1,5m, W=2,35m)

  • flat slider (L=17,5m, H=0,8m)

  • two big kickers (L=4m x H=1,3m W=2m)

  • small kicker (L=3,5m H=0,9m W=2m)

  • 2 stage relentless slider (L=25m, H=2,2m)

  • up rail (L=4,5m, H=1m)

  • ollie buoy (H=0,5m)

Some engineering drawings are on the WCM page.

Sunday, 15 April 2007

"pussy" box & small kicker, new building pics

Weekend is over. Sunshine, 20-26°C air, 13°C water, like during summer, very nice. What's new? Not so much, some obstacle skeletons are ready, and the positions (of obstacles) are marked (8-9m from middle to center of obstacle). Look at the picture with the lake. You'll be able to see where everthing is supposed to go. 2 stage slider and small kicker will be placed on the opposing staight. The covering plates will hopefully be here by next week. Also hopefully by next week, the crew will have set the anchors into place. Saturday night was live music in the club Sackfabrik .bands: Mindwise, Dario, Taktlos Glücklich. Music style was a mix of rock'n'roll and hardcore.

Bad news, the list of injured rides: Waltaa (knees - time: vaguely), Inge (knee - time: 1 or 2 weeks), Solle (intervertebral discs - time: he can skate with pain, but how long?).

Friday, 13 April 2007

obstacles under construction

Yeah, the park is under construction. On the page of WCM (gallery->obstacles) you can see the first pictures from the building of the flat bar slider and the 2 stage "relentless" slider. The flat bar slider is 17m (around 56') long and 1m (3'3") high. The 2 stage slider has an over all length of 25m (83')long and an max. height of 2,2m (7'3"). Under construction are also: a "pussy" box (A-frame rail with box), 2 kickers, the "Röhrich" box, and an up-rail. Dead line for finishing the park is may.06.2007. There is a lot to do!

another too late winter post

This will be the last winter post on this wakeskate blog. For sure! Normally during the winter season there's only frozen water (excepting in Magdeburg this year - jacuzzi yeah). I was in Götzis (many thanks to Towi) for 4 days from 29.03 to 02.04. A nice place to live and only a 1/2h drive to Nova Park in skiarea Silveretta Nova or an 1h drive to water cable park in blaichach. The weather was awesome, sunshine every day, tons of sun blocker and corn snow, perfect park conditions. In the picture you can see Towi and the upper part of the park, with halfpipe, rails and kickers. LOL the same for the lower park and the pro park yeah yeah yeah everywere rails and boxes in all lengths and kickers in all sizes. IT WAS A GOOD WEEKEND.

Thursday, 12 April 2007

now is better than never, the winter is done

The winter is done, and the blog is empty. But a short old info is better than no post. This old car in the picture is my winter car. For sure, it was not my best idea to buy an over 30 year old car for the cold rainy winter season. But the old Opel Kadett Limo build 1970 drove without considerable problems. Sometimes I needed a little bit of muscle power to start it, but that was all. In this car can carry three snowboarders with 6 boards and all stuff. It was an amazing and really funny ride from Kaunertal to Mayrhofen. In the picture you don't see me, but my friend Stäbchen. He makes a good replacement for me there.

I was on the road for 5 weeks. Stations: Kaunertal, Mayrhofen, Schladmingen, Saalbach, Hinterglemm. The snow conditionsm - don't ask: sunny weather for four weeks and NO SNOW FALL! Only in the first days of the last week (you see it on the picture) I found fresh snow. Snowboarding was unproblematic the hole time, but building a park was not really easy (ask Ollie from English House in Mayrhofen). But the park on the Kaunertal glacier was in great shape and small parks were also build in Hinterglemm and Mayrhofen. Many thanks to the Hungerpain Crew for the nice christmas.

only style counts more than technical difficulties

My wakeskating has tons of style.
I'm the best ever I'm the most incredible and most vicious and most ruthless champion there's ever been.
My style is unpatchable, my trix are awesome and I'm always unbelievable, I want to skate all sunshining days!

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