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Monday, 16 April 2007

correct obstacle dimensions

Here are the correct dimensions of the new obstacles. Abbreviation: lenght=L, height=H, width=W

  • a-frame box (L=16,5m, H=1,5m, W=2,35m)

  • flat slider (L=17,5m, H=0,8m)

  • two big kickers (L=4m x H=1,3m W=2m)

  • small kicker (L=3,5m H=0,9m W=2m)

  • 2 stage relentless slider (L=25m, H=2,2m)

  • up rail (L=4,5m, H=1m)

  • ollie buoy (H=0,5m)

Some engineering drawings are on the WCM page.


nd said...

Hello!! I found your obstacles on google, looks sick!! Please I need a help, what are width of the Up rail? And what material you used to cover it? Thanks a lot!! Congrats for the projects

nd said...

On more question, what are the dimensions of the table? The entry ramp and the top. What is the length of the Uprail.
I'm a wakeskater based in Brazil and what to build a rail use at home.
If you could contact me via email so we can talk more about this rail, would be great.