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Thursday, 12 April 2007

now is better than never, the winter is done

The winter is done, and the blog is empty. But a short old info is better than no post. This old car in the picture is my winter car. For sure, it was not my best idea to buy an over 30 year old car for the cold rainy winter season. But the old Opel Kadett Limo build 1970 drove without considerable problems. Sometimes I needed a little bit of muscle power to start it, but that was all. In this car can carry three snowboarders with 6 boards and all stuff. It was an amazing and really funny ride from Kaunertal to Mayrhofen. In the picture you don't see me, but my friend Stäbchen. He makes a good replacement for me there.

I was on the road for 5 weeks. Stations: Kaunertal, Mayrhofen, Schladmingen, Saalbach, Hinterglemm. The snow conditionsm - don't ask: sunny weather for four weeks and NO SNOW FALL! Only in the first days of the last week (you see it on the picture) I found fresh snow. Snowboarding was unproblematic the hole time, but building a park was not really easy (ask Ollie from English House in Mayrhofen). But the park on the Kaunertal glacier was in great shape and small parks were also build in Hinterglemm and Mayrhofen. Many thanks to the Hungerpain Crew for the nice christmas.

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