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Friday, 13 April 2007

another too late winter post

This will be the last winter post on this wakeskate blog. For sure! Normally during the winter season there's only frozen water (excepting in Magdeburg this year - jacuzzi yeah). I was in Götzis (many thanks to Towi) for 4 days from 29.03 to 02.04. A nice place to live and only a 1/2h drive to Nova Park in skiarea Silveretta Nova or an 1h drive to water cable park in blaichach. The weather was awesome, sunshine every day, tons of sun blocker and corn snow, perfect park conditions. In the picture you can see Towi and the upper part of the park, with halfpipe, rails and kickers. LOL the same for the lower park and the pro park yeah yeah yeah everywere rails and boxes in all lengths and kickers in all sizes. IT WAS A GOOD WEEKEND.