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Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Hi Bo

The Wakeskate Bomb crew works a little bit calmer these days, but the German Wakeskate scene lives to the fullest.

Treeknowlegde surprised us with a new collection at the start of this year. The crew released a new fun shape and a revised team model. The team has brought all his experience to the table. The result was the revised team model 2011 - build for flip tricks. Production has also been revised again. The aim was to increase the durability and power of the board to permanently gain more pop from the board.

Bo and his team could convince again this year a true artist for the board design. The board graphics are designed by Stefan Marx from Hamburg. Check out his website to see more work of him. A very limited artist edition is also available this year again. None other than Lowdown mastermind Marok is responsible for the artist edition. For all collectors hurry up, a real piece of art.Tarik and his brother (a passionate wakeskate kiter) have created a very unique shape, which combines different aspects from surfing, kiting and wakeskating in one shape - the ROCKET. It is for sure a fun shape and it is build for all people which want to have fun. It is not addressed to the technical stuff scene, which battles for the best backside 3 flip. Setting a cutback with the rocket is pure surf feeling and shredding obstacle with it is no problem. Check it out! All skates are available at the online store on the Treeknowledge website.