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Tuesday, 15 July 2008

Progression on Video
Flip Terror

Here are new videos which shows the progression in wakeskating very well.
You can search for the videos from the last year Byerly Toe Jam here on this blog in the left upper corner.

The first one is from the Byerly Toe Jam stop at TSR - 2008 Steven Campbell on incline: boardslide to varial flip, remember 2007 Ben Horan kickflip from the flat rail. The second one (the video here on top) is found on YouTube and shows alot of different flip tricks from Austin and Andrew Pastura. Last but not least a very good footage from the Byerly Toe Jam start at Projects on Superhuman mag the footage shows not only sick tricks also alot of bails are included therefore the feeling for the level of the Byerly Toe Jam is much better.

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