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Thursday, 11 September 2008

Sesitec 2.0 Portable Cable System
Wake The Line Red Bull event with Cable 2.0

From hearsay the Red Bull Wake the Line event will be pulled by the new Sesitec 2.0 Cable. One more reason for some short info about this new portable cable system.

The Sesitec System 2.0 is essentially a straight-line cable system that can compliment full size cable park setups for events or as stand-alone rail parks. But the System 2.0 can also be used for private backyard setups because it is the first cable system that is actually portable. And unlike other two tower systems, System 2.0 was designed specifically for wake sports and provides a continuous ride—meaning that you won’t have to drop the handle or stop after one pull down the rail course. The required water area is length: 80 - 700ft and width: 50 - 80ft

All information is taken from the Wake Park Project (North American distributor of Sesitec). For more information contact the guys at Wake Park Project or directly contact Sesitec.

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