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Friday, 24 October 2008

European Winches Part I
Swiss NeverRide and Hungaria Gaboard

Here are the first two winch companies from Europe - Gaboard and NeverRide. At first some information about the winches build by NeverRide. They have a hydrostatic winch the X Hive and a classic winch with variomatic (torque converter). Both winches are handmade in Swiss.

First some facts of the NeverRide X Hive:
Frame: High end stainless steel frame with lasercut outer shell
Motor: Briggs & Stratton Engine
Accessories: hydrostatic drive, 4 transportation wheels, (digital) dashboard, FlipUp hood, Safety-Stop-System, 2 anchor point,a underfloor lights (fo ya bling), electric starter, shock absorbing engine suspension

Here are the facts for the NeverRide Nr One:

Frame: superior quality steel with outer shell
Motor: Briggs & Stratton Engine (Inspector 7.5PS, Basic 9.0PS, Superior 9.0PS with electro ignition)
Accessories: disc brake, easy line release, balanced weight for transportation, shock absorbing engine suspension, 2 wheels, 2 anchor points, 2 foldable transportation handles, vario-cluth-system

Another good concept comes out of hungaria. Gaboard has been producing winches for two years now. The Gaboard winch can be order with different engine sizes. The winch on the picture has a 400cubic centimeter engine which has 15hp.
Frame: classic frame with full outer shell
Motor: 270 - 400 cubic centimeter engine, 4 stroke
Accessories: 2 offroad wheels, disc brake, one control level for all functions, 100m rope

For more information about the winches check the Gaboard Winch or NeverRide homepage.


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