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Friday, 11 May 2007

New Link Category - Videos

YouTube - designed for rainy days! I like pictures and videos more than pure text. We live in a multimedia world. Therefore you'll find a new category on the right side of this blog. Video show - the latest or best videos related to skate, wake, surf, motox, snow, and other crazy stuff.

I know the next 4 videos are not the latest videos on YouTube but you can see the hole variantions of Flip trix. This I think, is the direction of wakeskating today. Matts latest trick, the Varial-Kickflip revert, can be seen on a skateboard at 1:05 in the Chris Haslam Video. Also double Kickflips from Rodney Mullen. Here the direct links:

last but not least, a wakeskate video:

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