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Sunday, 13 May 2007

kickerhausen !!!

It took a while but now the first obstacles are in place... two big kickers, one small kicker and the fabulous incline-rail. After some extensive testruns we can give our first rating: this park rocks, a lot of bruises included! A+

All obstacles are designed by a wakeskater, Jens Bach. Best premises for total skate action.

The obstacles will still need to be propperly lined up and wired to the ground. And the "big ones" are still to come. The pussy-box (a-frame rail with box), fat flat slider (17,5 m), the original "rööricht" and the unbelievable 25 m 2 stage relentless-slider should be in place within the next days.

official park opening is planned to be this weekend, on the 19. may 2007.

see you at the lake

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Dude said...

Hi maze, i had adjust the color, sorry for this, but it was sunset