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Wednesday, 2 May 2007

Anchors ready

YEEEAAAHHH! All anchors are placed! 35 anchors, weight per anchor approx. 2,200 pounds. One week just shipping around and putting anchors into place. Good things come to those who wait: The coverplates have arrived this week and I hope the first obstacle will be ready for its first watering.

The team worked their asses off! Every day until midnight this week. Okay maybe a bit overstated :o) ! Saturday was Liquid Force day. All new boards are doing well and we are lucky guys, because none has broken (quite contrary to the last year). LOL! Nice boards but actually not exactly my taste. I like square ones, like Treeknowledge or Kampus wakeskates. The double deck from Liquid Force will be in the shops soon. They will be available in the stores at the end of June 2007 (information directly from Liquid Force Germany)! They will have a new construction, consisting of fiberglass, like an ultra thick single deck. Does anyone have a picture, already?

The weather was unbelievable; I just wore boardshorts all day long. It seems to be, that we get an bloody-fucking HOT summer. Thats WICKED!

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