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Tuesday, 10 March 2009


As most of you already know about alliancewakeskate.com you migth be interested in its british offset www.alliancewake.co.uk.
 Yes... there are wakeskater in Great Britan.. not too unusual since it is an island.

If you wanna see how the english guys are riding you can check this video and this travel report form a trip to germany / Blaichach.

For all of you plannig a trip to germany in 2009: the cable in Blaichach is changing the owner / operator and the obstacle-park will be seriously cut. There are rumors that most of the sesitec-obstacles will be moved to new cable near freiburg.

But since germany has more cables than any other place thre are many substitutes. We can recoment the schwandorf - cable (see some pictures here) and of course the cable in Magdeburg

see you at the lake

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