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Friday, 8 August 2008

CWB Onset
Stuard Shinn Pro Model 09

Here the first pic from the new CWB bi level wakeskate and a comment at alliance wakeboard online mag.
The onset is a very different design. It is different than any other board out there. Instead of the traditional bi-level this board has foam in between the two decks. This helps in a lot of ways. First it gives you more snap off the water when ollieing. Secondly the foam helps support the top deck so it won’t snap. It also really helps with landings by giving more cushion so that it absorbs the impact a lot more. The bottom deck is pretty much the traditional 3-stage rocker while the top deck is different. The concave is short and steep so there is a big flat spot your foot can fit in very comfortably. The concave is nice cause for flip tricks it flips super easy; your foot catches the side concave and the board just flips right over.

Stuard Shinn say: I ride the shit out of this board all day, every day! For more 09 news check this article at Alliance Wakeboard mag.

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CWB Onset Wakeskate said...

Dude Wakeside.com has the CWB Onset Wakeskate in stock for only $249.99. Everyone else has it for way more expensive.