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Wednesday, 12 August 2009

2010 Hyperlite and Byerly Wakeskates Preview

Here the first pics from the new 2010 Hyperlite and Byerly wakeskate line. All Hyperlite skates now come under the sub brand called catalyst.

Urso it a compression molded skate but with wood. 16 ply deck, concave top, die cut grip tape.
Nomad is a compression molded skate with deeper top concaves and kicks and an EVA / griptape blend top.
The vinyl is a bi - level, 9ply top deck with a thin compression molded base.
Byerly shows up two skates at the moment. The Blend is a bi Level, with a glassed ecore top deck, sealed wood deck for the feel and snap of wood but the durability of compression molding. ABS sidewalls to help seal the wood core and give max durability on sliders.The Revival is a compression molded skate with a limited lifetime warranty. True skate concaves, griptape top, dual level construction.All information and pics are taken from our friends down under wake.com.au.

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