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Friday, 14 August 2009

2010 Devotid Wakeskates and Union Winch Park Preview

Here are some news and pics about the 2010 wakeskate line by Devotid and the new Union park at Millington, MI.
Some improvements Devotid made for the new wakeskate line:

  • The waist of the concaves are a bit wider. 15.5-15.75
  • A beefier sidewall for cement ledge forgiveness.
  • The concaves outer perimeter is now thicker all the way around, which makes cutting at the wake more consistant and predictable.
  • Wider tip and tails for more back-foot realestate.
  • Die-cut screen-printed JESSUP griptape.
  • New Thicker and Stronger PBT base material.
  • Pre-marked drill spots for our new skate bump system.
Things Devotid did not change:
  • Birch/ Basswood layups
  • Slow cooked cold press lamination
  • Rock Solid H2o Adhesive
  • Hand shaped rider-influenced designs
  • Multi-coat High Gloss waterproof finishes

All information and pics are taken from the new Devotid website.

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