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Friday, 21 September 2007

Not What Cha' Think - Video Teaser

Here the facts about Not What Cha'Think video from Oregon Trail Trash (O.T.T.) Productions:

1. This will officially be the longest wakeskate movie ever made to date. The past few days I have been going through footage with Zak and as it looks right now the movie will be about an hour long! Although nothing is official till the final draft. I believe it came to something like 1800 GByte of footage that was actually logged!

2. This is not going to be your typical wakeskate movie, not all of the riders have full parts but there is footage of over 20 different riders from all over! I'll make a little list just for fun to give you an idea of how much is going to go into this movie, If I leave your name out or spell your name wrong please forgive me, this is what I can pull off the top of my head.

David Hanson
Steve Cambell
Drew Danielo
Ben Kaiser
Zach Snyder
Cody Miller
Reed Hanson
Matt Manzari
Kyle Hymas
Chase Gregory
Steff Walmsley

Gabe Paulson
Russell Young
Spencer Ellis
Joe Poitars
Keith Lidberg
Ryan Doyle
Aaron Gore
Chris Barcellos
Matt Veslik
Ryan Potter
Andrew Belzer

Keaton Bowlby
Reed Watson
Ben Horan
Kyle Walton
Brandon Rau
Pete Ward
Bret Little
Brett Jackson
Greg Waters
Zak Stone "obviously"

Check this threat on ws.com for more information or go direct to the official homepage of O.T.T. Production.

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