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Monday, 17 September 2007

Integrity builds own factory

Erich Schmaltz, mastermind behind Integrity-Wake, just released some info about the “Daedalus project” on wakeskating.com. This project, he said, is the culmination of his life's lessons and the experience he’s gathered being involved in the wake/action sports industry for almost 22 years: The best is to only rely only upon oneself.
Being dependent on suppliers in the past, Erich was forced to postpone ship dates on skates every three weeks for four to five months straight. With such thing having happened and the great danger of losing his reputation for being a reliable board manufacturer and one of the true souls of wakeskating, there was hardly another option than to build a factory on his own (the pic on top shows the view from the factory's location onto the adjacent lake). He luckily could join forces with a like-minded investor that has made similar experiences. Best chances now that the beliefs and ideals of Erich and many other wakeskaters will finaly emerge, rise and spread.
The factory itself will be as transparent as possible with doors being open to fellow wakeskaters to stop by, share some thoughts and see how it’s done.
We are all very anxious to see what integrity will come up with in the near future and I can hardly wait to stop by when I’m in the US this autumn.
If you like to read everything that Erich posted please continue reading the thread at ws.com. If you want to be kept updated with info about Integ and everything else stop by here from time to time or visit wakeskating.com

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