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Tuesday, 4 September 2007

Cartrade24 Master Battle and
German Championships

It’s hardly two more weeks until for the second time the German champions in wakeskating get crowned and the long awaited Cartrade24 Master Battle takes place. The nominees for the Master Battle are almost set and displayed in the list below. Well sounding names like Andy Kolb, Dennis Knasiak or Dominik Preisner will grant a top notch competition level. Once again the bar is gonna get raised.
Additionally this event attracts even foreign riders such as Pipo from the Netherlands and Patrick Vorlicek from Switzerland.
Everybody here (Cable-Island locals) is fiercely awaiting the weekend of the 15th and 16th of September to meet old friends, make new ones and for the most part party as hard as possible!!!
The collective freak out is already scheduled with the hardcore concert taking place Saturday night. So if you’re interested in premier wakeskating and severe partying - come on over!
Nominees for CARTRADE24 Master Battle:

Liquid Force
1. Andy Kolb
2. Sebi Süß
3. Lukas Süß

New Schnitzel
4. Sebastian Lampson
5. Dennis Knasiak
6. Enric Dosta
7. Andreas Gnidowski

8. Sandro Reinhardt

9. Jakob Bamberg
10. Franz Lacherbauer

Gator Boards
11. Jan Grabski

12. Dominik Preisner

13. XXX
14. XXX

15. Cruz

16. Patrick Vorlicek
17. Zinti

Ghoniem Clan
18. Tarik Ghoniem

Jibbentails Dresden
19. Stefan Rost

Dutch connection
20. Pipo
21. Diederick Stellweg

last chance nominee
22. lucky last one nominated during the German championships

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