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Friday, 10 April 2009

Treeknowledge 2009
concave wooden wakeskate made in Germany

The german wakeskate company Treeknowledge goes straight forward every year. In 2009 Treeknwoledge presents their first 3d concave wood wakeskate made in Germany, Berlin. The new model comes in two variants as a team and as a artist edition and is for the advanced wakeskater. The artist edition is strictly limited and handmade by art beaver Marok (Nike air force artist, Lowdown magazine) himself. The Team edition is designed by Eric Otto, San Fransisco, USA. Check out his other projects at Eric Otto's homepage. New this year is the WE edition a sligtly concave wakeskate based on the 2008 shape.
Here are the specs for the 3d concave model:
3D-concave core / variable-edge / wooden top and bottom layer / wood core / Length: S-M 1.00 m (< 80 kg) L-XL 1.04m (> 80kg) / Width: 36,0 cm (14.25") / 3 StageRocker/ Wood: Hardmaple / No Fins, concave size: 12mm (1/2")We Edition
Nearly flat deck - nose and tail slightly concave / Length: S-M 1.00 m (< 80 kg) L-XL 1.04m (> 80kg)/ Width: 36,0 cm/ 3 Stage Rocker / Wood: Hardmaple / No Fins
The skate is 100% wood! The concave is shaped with skateboarding in mind. For more information about the production process check this post at Wakeskate Bomb. All information are taken from the Treeknowledge homepage.

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